37+ Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Avoid Boredom in Your Home

Feeling bored with how your kitchen looks like? That is probably because of how you have been treating it lately. It is true that kitchen is the place to cook your meals and store your foods. This does not mean you cannot do something more about it. Having some two tone kitchen cabinet ideas might inspire you.

The oldschool kitchen designs are probably dominated by soft, neutral colours like: white, grey, pastel, or anything with the similar tone. After a while, such designs will start to look bland. You need something fresh that will make hanging in the kitchen feel much more fun. This is why two tone kitchen ideas should be considered.

Having a two-toned kitchen design does not mean both colours have to extremely contradict one another. In fact, it can be one colour but divided in two, depending on its darkness or lightness. Some of these examples below might give you the ideas before deciding on one for the kitchen at home:

1. Elegant Wood Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

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Some two tone kitchen cabinet use not only the same colours on two different grades, but also the similar materials. Still, that does not mean there is no more room left for improvement.

How about using different materials altogether for your kitchen? It does not matter if your kitchen is big or small. For example: you combine a couple of so neutral colours but with different tones and materials. A silver fridge, some upper cabinets made of black glass and brown wood, white marble kitchen countertop, and soft grey floor.

2. The Traditional Wood Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

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This is another combination that you may consider. If you prefer keeping your traditional wood cabinets in the kitchen, that is alright. To make your kitchen look more unique, you can do something with the kitchen island.

For example: all the upper cabinets can match the white countertops, while the lower cabinets are all made of brown wood. The floor can also be made of brown wood and you leave it just like that. Add a vase of colourful plants on top of the kitchen island.

Since kitchen islands often function as dining tables too, have some black stools there. You will not just hang out in the kitchen to cook, but also to have something to eat with your family.

3. The Post-Modern Look in The Kitchen

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The post-modern look is also similar to the industrial look. Not only neutral colours, the combination should also be monochromatic. (Yes, this means between white, black, and grey.) To avoid having it too dark, use the soft hues for your black-and-grey kitchen. It will also look much cleaner and more streamlined with the minium decor.

You can leave the floor brown if it is made of wood and stained well. The materials used for this kitchen idea may consist of: quartz or granite (for the countertop) and dark fibers.

4. Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Contrasting Combo of B&W

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Of course, this combination is always the easiest to think of. Black and white never go wrong anytime. Both neutral colours are also the exact opposite of one another. For this, you can have your walls, upper cabinets, and kitchen counter white. The lower cabinets can be black, while the tile floors can be a combination of both.

A chess platform might be the most chosen one for the floor. However, this does not mean you cannot improvise. You can have black-and-white checkered combination or white tiles with soft black drawings. Any statement-making pattern for your floor tiles will look really good.

5. The Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet with A Little Shade of Blue

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Besides soft mint green, you can also use cool blue hue for your two tone kitchen. For example: your kitchen countertop is white while the drawers and cool blue. It is subtle that people need a closer look to tell the difference.

6. The White Upper Cabinets & Navy Blue Lower Cabinets

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Ones again of brilliant think by using of dark & bright composition. Here, the navy blue, the white, and the brown are quite a colour-blocking. To play it safe, you can use different materials for each.

No worries, the stuff in this industrious kitchen will still look well-connected to one another. Still, the navy blue lower cabinets stand out, along with the vertical lines and hardware made of gold.

7. Combine of Green White Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

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If all whites seem too bland for you, then try this combination. Since tile and appliances might change in the future, your kitchen counter may stay the same. To avoid boredom but also have something timeless, gold handles (like water tabs) can get along with the white marble counter. The subtle green of the lower cabinets is also adaptable to the changing of the features.

8. The Kitchen with The Colour-Blocking Design

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I’ll give you inspiration of more colour combine of cabinet. Are you interest about it? Most two tone kitchen cabinet contrast the upper and lower cabinets. However, that is not the only strategy that you can use.

While the usual contrasting idea goes vertical, then the colour-blocking design goes horizontal. For example: you can have one whole wall of built-in kitchen cabinet black and the rest of the kitchen white on one side.

(Yes, this include the upper and lower cabinets with the sink in between.) This means you will get enough light in the kitchen, especially during the day. Should colour-blocking only means black and white? No. You can have the floor dark brown. That goes the same for the outline of the kitchen island and the stools as well.

9. The Soft Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet

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For those with more artistic taste, have fun renovating your kitchen with one of these two tone kitchen cabinet here.

Pastel mint green is a unique hue for your kitchen. Use that for your upper cabinet and it will stand out among the usual white-and black (or white-and-grey) kitchen design. You can have the rest of the colours softer too, even if they are white and black.

10. The Minimal Color Pops

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Normal cooking areas with an island are designed in an I-shape. These days, it is everything about damaging the policies or, at least, flexing them a bit! Cut off the lower line of a funding ‘I’ and just what to you get?

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An impressive island with wrap-around cabinets and also sitting that beckons friends and family to sit and also remain a while! The white in this contemporary cooking area is set off with marginal shade pops that have a maximum effect, as well as a remarkable accent wall.

So, here are the top 10, two tone kitchen cabinet ideas that you can think of. Depending on the kitchen size, the budget, and the concept of your house, you may take your pick here. Hopefully your choice will satisfy you. For 27 another, you can try looking on pinterest. (source: freshome.com, homebnc.com, domaine.com).

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