37+ Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to Get More Inspiration Dish

Some people once said that if you want to see the real character of a person, see his/her kitchen. And it includes the kitchen cabinets too. So, it is important to choose the best modern kitchen cabinets ideas that suit your character.

Not only to make a good impression on other people about you, the good modern kitchen cabinet ideas will make you comfortable in the kitchen. And why must the kitchen cabinet first? Because it is the most stand out thing in your kitchen.

Are you ready to make delicious foods every day to you and your family? First, start from choosing the best modern kitchens cabinet ideas that are not only effective to store some stuff but also can enhance your mood while cooking.

If you don’t know how to start, these are the marvelous modern kitchen cabinet ideas to apply to your wonderful kitchen:

Classic Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Bailey Mccarthy Fridge
source: housebeautiful.com

What is warmer than the classic look? If you want to get back to the 70s-80s, this is the good kitchen cabinet idea. The wood kitchen cabinet was painted with the black color, with the touch of gold color in the frame and holders. Add some stuff made from porcelain with classic fonts, this is how to bring classic to modernity.

Cabinet from Shelves

source: pinterest

Do you have a tiny kitchen? Why don’t use shelves to change the cabinet and make it the simple cabinet? The usage of the shelves can make your kitchen more spacious. You can use the wood shelves as you can see above to enhance the exclusivity on your kitchen. How minimalist is that, you know?

Deep Sea Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Screenshot 3
source : richardburkedesign.ie

Do you want a calm ambiance in your kitchen? Install the cabinet with the deep sea color. It suits you who is cool both inside and outside, and loves to spend the spare-time in the kitchen.

Having this kitchen theme also make your cooking time getting more comfortable. No wonder you can make many good foods there. In order to enhance the smooth sensation, give also the deep blue see bar and don’t put too many things above the kitchen table.

Built-In Looks Wood Cabinet

Built In Glossy Cabinets
source: www.reverbsf.com

To enhance the modern nuance, people usually use a built-in cabinet, including in the kitchen. But, this concept can ruin the wall. If you want to give the touch of modernity without ruining the wall, you can try the idea of pseudo build-in kitchen cabinet.

The cabinet has a square-shape and quite grand in size. The height is almost the same with the wall, covering more than a half part of the wall. It makes the kitchen look more spacious and elegant, but you can remove it or change it again someday without ruining the wall.

Floating and Simple Tetris Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen 18
source: aroundidea.com

Are you tight on budget, or do you want a minimalist cabinet that won’t take too much space? Try this floating cabinet idea. Floating horizontally above your kitchen table, this modern kitchen cabinet will make your kitchen look more futuristic.

Moreover, there is a part missing in this cabinet, and it reminds us of Tetris game. The usage of white color will make your kitchen spacious, so it is good for you who have the tiny kitchen. To make your kitchen less monotonous, add the splash of warm brown color on the kitchen table.

Stainless Steel Modern Kitchen Cabinets

source: elthamglass.com.au

Are you a person who have less time to clean up your kitchen? Instead of choosing wood modern kitchen cabinet ideas, why don’t use stainless steel? Not only enhance the futuristic nuance, the stainless steel kitchen cabinet is also easy to clean. You don’t have to worry the stains that splash into the cabinet. Moreover, it is not easy to scratch.

So if you have many children, this might be a good kitchen cabinet idea for you. You also don’t have to repaint it again and again

Veneer Woods Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Walnut Kitchen 917x613
source: artcafe.bg

Who says that veneer wood only works on vintage concept? If you pick the right design, the veneer woods kitchen cabinet can also be modern as seen on the picture above.

What makes this kitchen cabinet looks modern and quite minimalist is the compact design. There isn’t too much motive and decorations in the kitchen cabinet. The addition of microwave and refrigerator made from stainless-steels will give you the futuristic look that you want. It is so perfect that you might not want to move from there.

Multifunctional Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Neptune Limehouse ACF 5557
source: homify.com

Bored of the regular monotonous kitchen cabinet? You can pick this idea as the cabinet inside your modern kitchen.

From outside, it seems like the regular kitchen cabinet. But when you open it, you will see many racks and shelves that make it easy for you to group the stuff and to put many things, from foods, drinks, to the flours. It is so big that everything can be stored there. It can make your kitchen and even your house tidier.

Dice-Look Kitchen Cabinet

1456984197 953471
source: http://pic.tugou.com

Feeling bored with the modern kitchen cabinets ideas with rectangle shape? Why don’t you try this dice-look kitchen cabinet? Seen from afar, the cabinets idea looks like two dices connected with a spiral bridge. You can see the edgy look it brings to your kitchen.

Therefore, if you are a person with the young soul and modern mind, don’t hesitate to try this unique kitchen cabinet idea. It is of course far away from boring.

Minimalist Glossy White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

source: pinterest

It is not a common glossy white kitchen cabinet idea that you usually see. Actually, it is not because the shape is unique, but because the kitchen cabinet blends so well with some colorful dishes. It will make your kitchen more playful and sweet.

If you have an apartment and want a touch of uniqueness in your kitchen, this is definitely the idea that you can not resist. Moreover, the glossy kitchen cabinet is easy to clean and wont waste your time.

Those are some magnificent modern kitchen cabinets ideas that you can easily plan and install in your kitchen. All the ideas above are great, however, you have to adjust the cabinet ideas with your kitchen theme. Happy cooking! for 27 another inspiration you can check out pinterest.

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