45+ Most Popular Kitchen Design Ideas on 2018 & How to Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel – No doubt, a kitchen is the heart of the home. This space isn’t only used for cooking but also for scheduling and talking with your family. To upgrade its look, you must dig into these magnificent kitchen remodel ideas.

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1. Glaze Perfect Black Kitchen Remodel

Hbu Kitchen Paint Colors Black Kitchen 1510355595

The nickel hardware looks so polished. From armchair to kitchen cabinets, everything has glossy finishing. And black produces significant drama.

2. Mixed Material Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

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Two different materials blend in this kitchenette. Wooden worktop, cabinets, and open shelves fit nicely with metallic stainless-steel drawers.

3. Striated Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas

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Transforms yours into modern space by opting for striated laminate cabinets. Plenty of large glass windows create sunny and airy ambiances.

4. Varnish Kitchen Sink Plumbing Design Ideas

54c702f13ed27 10 Hbx Green High Gloss Kitchen Redd 0709 De 68375015

Instead of choosing neutral colors, go for a bold tone like emerald green. It’s much better if you lacquer the refrigerator and cabinets too.

5. Ebony Cabinets Kitchen Remodeling

Black Kitchen 2

The black ebony cabinets boost vintage feeling. Pale blue ceramic tiles give pops of shade to the entire area.

6. Smudged Zinc Kitchen Sink Plumbing Design Ideas

1504812196 Jon De La Cruz Kitchen Island

White cabinet and refrigerator are offset with black tiled backsplash and zinc hood set. You definitely fall for this cookery.

7. Onyx Fridge Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas

Bailey Mccarthy Fridge

Metal worktop, onyx black cabinets, and brass-finished appliances showcase the glams. What a luxury!

8. Grooved Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

1429909356 Sage Kitchen 0210

The cabinetry and kitchen island are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Tate Olive. This color has warm, welcoming and manly characters.

9. Pestered Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas

Gallery Nrm 54c702ec7f30f 01 Hbx Turquoise Kitchen Rottman 0309 De 66154175

Coat your closet and cabinets with Carolina blue paint. Then, install hardwood flooring to feel classic and cheerful atmospheres.

10. Inky Shade Kitchen Sink Plumbing

54c152faf06a4 05 Hbx Black Kitchen Cabinets Bunn 0514 S2

Black condo cabinets are absolutely elegant. To keep the kitchenette from looking flat, there is printed linen shade.

11. High Gloss Kitchen Renovation

54c0d472e8acd 04 Hbx White Custom Kitchen Cabinets Brooks 1212 Xln

All-white scullery does not appear bland with the help of crystallized glass countertops. They offer a healthy dose of shimmer.

12. Gunmetal Ceramic Tiles Kitchen Remodeling

54c15c6b7340b 03 Hbx Brass Trim Black Knobs 0614 De

Brown woods exude the cozy and inviting feel. The wall surface is stunningly covered in Gunmetal black floor tiles.

13. Contrasting White Kitchen Remodel

Summer Thornton Black Kitchen 1512163751

Black kitchen island, cabinets, and stools are accompanied by white marble countertop and mirrored backsplash. Such nice contrast, right?

14. Ebony Beadboard for Clogged Kitchen Sink

1424211448 Hbx Scot Meacham Wood Kitchen 0114

Cabinetry, panel, and floor have diving Black hue. While plaid curtain and area rug surely catch your eye.

15. Black Variety Kitchen Design Ideas

Rebekah Zaveloff Range

Jet black a La Cornue reminds you of the old French-style kitchen. It is paired with a shining copper cookware.

16. Obsidian Backsplash Kitchen Remodel

54c0a59387b57 02 Hbx Glazed Black Tile Backsplash Barrett 0313 S2

The black backsplash grid tiles are made of obsidian rocks. Weathered wood cabinets bring a dash of rustic charm.


17. Painted Trim Kitchen Remodels

Hbu Black Kitchen 1511215261

Kitchen cabinets and herringbone backsplash tiles are black. They make ceiling and floor stand out.

18. Brass Accents Kitchen Remodeling

1505485392 Janet Gridley Kitchen

Nothing seems as sumptuous as brass pendant lights and wall sconces. They glitz up the neutral-themed cooking space.

19. Shiny End Up Kitchen Renovation

Michael Maher Bar 1217 1512163159 (1)

Cabinets are stained in blue paint. Gold lantern pendant light, wood floor, and wallpapered walls complement them really well.

20. Rustic Influences Kitchen Sink Clogged

Kitchen Scottsdale Doorway 1117 1510089674 (2)

Stainless-steel appliances, exposed wooden ceiling beams, and fieldstone walls exactly speak of rusticism.

21. Traditional Neutrals Kitchen Renovation

Michael Maher Kitchen 1217 1512163005

Different shades of white provide a new dimension to this kitchenette. Plus, 6-light chandelier and marble countertops emanate traditional edge.

22. Ceiling-Height Kitchen Remodeling

54c0d47444fe0 09 Stacked Kitchen Cabinets 0207 0ku6vg Lgn

If your ceiling is too high, stack the cabinets up to the ceiling. And they can be wall ornaments too.

23. Turquoise Kitchen Remodel

Gallery 1435783047 Kitchen Of Month Julyaug2015 Lead

A hint of turquoise ignites the cottage feel. While hexagon rug and glass globe pendant lights function as focal points.

24. Increased Kitchen Remodeling

54c702fa95019 32 Hbx Raised Cabinets 0610 De 22415512

Brown wooden base cabinets are raised to benefit from sunlight. Sweeping the floor becomes much easier as well.

25. Porthole Kitchen Remodels

Gallery 1437419009 Nautical Kitchen

Wayward porthole cabinet doors appear so divine. They effortlessly add nautical flair to yours.

26. Glass Front Kitchen Sink Plumbing

1429911270 Pwoder Blue Kitchen Walls 0114

You certainly can see table wares inside your glass front cabinets. The rolling wooden ladder let you take them out easily.

27. Cut Kitchen Renovation

Gallery 1424211369 Hbx Nick Olsen Kitchen 0711

Dark green trims blend gorgeously with white cabinetry, plaid backsplash and white door.

28. Sliding Kitchen Remodels

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Introduce Japanese’s charm to your kitchen by installing cabinets with sliding doors. They perfectly resemble shoji screens.

29. Stainless Steel Kitchen Renovation

54bfed1e3ee4b Hbx Metal Maritime Kitchen 0611 2 De

From cabinet rails to the stanchions, all is made from stainless-steel. They exhibit industrial and upscale settings.

30. Vibrant Blue anti Clogged Kitchen Sink

54c12c330368c 03 Hbx Blue Ann Sacks Backsplash Tile Martell 1113 Xln

No one doubts the elegance of this kitchenette. The homeowner seemingly is inspired by Chinese blue-and-white porcelain.

31. Opaque Glass Kitchen Renovation

Gallery 1435783047 Kitchen Of Month Julyaug2015 Lead

Crystal globe pendant lights are paired with frosted glass front cabinets. And metallic kitchen fixtures look dazzling.

32. Contrasting Clean Kitchen Remodels

Gallery Flooring Kitchen

Black rustic joints can be statement-making pieces too. They against white cabinets and ceiling perfectly.

33. Hardware-Free Kitchen Remodel

54c14a4c21d39 01 Hbx Dark Bornholm Cabinetry Serra 0414 De

There’s no single handle in this Scandivanian-inspired kitchen. Cut-out handholds maintain simplicity value.

34. Mahogany anti Clogged Kitchen Sink

54bf3f6a3c721 Hbx Rob Southern 0614 S2

Dark mahogany floor and cabinets fit wonderfully with grey shades. The kitchen seems so fresh.

35. Mirrored Front Kitchen Remodel

54bf3f530535d Hbx Decorating Berger 6 0709 Xlg 27581010copy

The mirrored glass on cabinet doors really expands the tiny space. What a successful old trick!

36. Milk Paint Kitchen Renovation

54bf3f470a2f2 1 Kitchen Otm Main 1207 S2

This Scandinavian rustic kitchenette is predominantly painted in Soldier Blue and French Gray. They are from the Milk Paint Company.

37. Orange Clean Kitchen Design Ideas

54bf3f68025cd Hbx Melanie Coddington 0514 S2

Instantly, orange cabinets add a burst of color to the neat scullery. Their vibrancy livens up the neutral-toned cooking area.

38. Paneled Kitchen Remodel Ideas

54bf3f4ca24ab 3 Easyandbold 0508 S2

This scullery is entirely paneled in beige hue. And red accents make the space pop.

39. Sky High Kitchen Remodel

54bf3f5d611e3 Hbx Amanda Nisbet 0314 S2

The homeowner smartly hangs cabinets up to the ceiling and over the sink. While silver orbs adorn the high ceiling.

40. Beachy Clean Kitchen Remodels


With ease, oak floor and wooden plank cabinets generate timeworn appeals.

41. Navy Blue Kitchen Design

54c0d4720f4e9 Bx Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Butler Beling 0413 3dob0g Xln

The white dominance is broken by navy blue cabinets. Thankfully, farmhouse kitchenette isn’t dull anymore.

42. Dual Responsibility for Clogged Kitchen Sink

54c0d4732acf4 05 Hbx Kitchen Cabinets Hide Dishwasher Huh 1112 Xln

To create the neat look, outfit your dishwasher with a cabinet front. Stain it in powder blue to obtain farmhouse nuance.

43. Strong Walnut Kitchen Renovation Design

54c0d47412137 06 Hbx Walnut Cabinets 1210 Lgn

Dark walnut cabinets obviously give a coordinating effect to the wooden light wooden floor.

44. Equipped Kitchen Design Ideas

54c0d4736642c 07 Kitchen Cabinets Glass Knobs Xl

Add a little shimmer to your cookery with nickel and glass cabinet knobs. Say goodbye to clutters then.

Well that’s some really cool and beautiful kitchen remodels design ideas & anti clogged kitchen sink that are popular and will boom in 2018. Hopefully useful and please leave your comment on the column below. Therefore, those are our charming kitchen remodel ideas.

They all are worth to try. When you update your cooking space with one of them, you would be speechless. One another you can check on pinterest.

(source: housebeautiful)

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