15 Amazing Interior Decoration Ideas with Cactus

Interior Decoration Ideas – We love decorating interiors with plants, and this time we will talk about a particular plant, the cactus. It is one of the best plants to decorate interiors, as these do not require too much care. Next we will give you some ideas to decorate interiors with cactus.

Ideas para decorar interiores con cactus

While it is true that cacti are outdoor plants, it is also possible to grow them and have them indoors, in fact they are increasingly seen in interior designs. That if, in case of buying these plants, our recommendation is to do it in a nursery or garden shop where they can instruct us a bit with regard to the care of the interior cacti.

Interiors Decoration with Cactus in The Hall

Interiors Decoration with Cactus in The Hall

Recibidores decorados con cactus

Cactus en recibidores

You can not deny the charm of these plants and the decorative plus they provide. The hall is one of those spaces in the house where they will look very pretty, and will make a nice impression as soon as we enter our home

Cactus Decoration In The Room

Cactus to decorate the room

Cactus in the diningroom

Another of the ideal environments to decorate interiors with cactus is the living room or living room. In this case a single cactus will look great, as big as possible, although it must be said that in this of interior decoration there are no rules. To taste the colors. If you want to put together a composition with several small cactuses, it will surely look great.

Cactus Decoration Ideas in Windows

Cactus in Windows

decoration windows with cactus

One of the best places where you could place your cactus are the windows. First of all because you have to say that these plants need sun, at least a few hours a day, and in the second place they look very pretty there. In the following images you can see how they are. It is very nice to look through the windows through them.

Custom Pots to Decorate with Cactus

Cactus en macetas personalizadas

Cactus en macetas personalizadas con pintura

Cacti get along very well with everything that is handmade, natural fibers, earth tones, wood, etc. We loved these two proposals where they have placed cactus in very nice personalized pots. You can buy the typical ceramic pots and customize them with paint, or buy handmade pots, many of them made with cement and painted. In the craft fairs you will surely find some to get out of the ordinary.

Interior Decoration Ideas Cactus In Basket

 Cactus in wicker baskets

Cactus en cestas

We love decorating with baskets of natural fibers, such as wicker. Some time ago we shared ideas of Christmas trees in baskets and the truth that we loved the proposals. On this occasion we can see cactus in wicker baskets, ideal to decorate any corner of the house.

Cactus Decoration Ideas in The Bedroom

Cactus en dormitorios

Dormitorios con cactus

Such is the advance of the cactus to decorate interiors that we can also see in bedrooms. In this we must clarify that there are those who do not recommend placing this type of plants in bedrooms for an energy issue. The great interior decoration ideas.

So if you want to decorate your bedroom according to Feng Shui, or at least respect the rules of this philosophy, we recommend you do some research. But if it is not within your concerns, if you love the plants and the aesthetics of these plants, here are a couple of images of bedrooms with cactus. We can not deny that they look beautiful.

What do you think of the ideas above? Now that you have seen images of interior decoration ideas with cactus, what do you think? Keep in mind two keys: cacti are cheap and easy to maintain.

source: estiloydeco.com

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