How to Wear The Correct Mask to Avoid Contracting Corona Virus WHO Version

How to Wear the Correct Mask – The emergence of the Corona pandemic around the world made a number of people willing to buy dozens or even hundreds of masks. As an effort to protect themselves from the virus that has claimed thousands of lives.

But do you know when exactly masks should be worn? According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the use of masks is recommended for those of you who are coughing, sneezing or caring for someone who is likely to be infected with the corona virus.

That is, healthy people actually don’t need a mask. Healthy people need to wear masks if they have to be in places that have viruses and diseases such as hospitals or have to contact with sick people.

How to Wear the Correct Mask WHO Version

Well, the use of masks can not be arbitrary. The following tips on wearing a mask properly and correctly in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards:

1. First, before using a mask, you must first wash your hands with soap or an alcohol-based antiseptic liquid in clean running water. So, avoid washing in a container or a place with water.

2. Second, the mask must cover the mouth and nose and make sure there is no distance or gap between the face and the mask used. Don’t forget to pay attention to the layers on the mask too. blue or green layer outside while white layer inside. And also make sure the side of the mask that has a wire or thick part is above or touches our nose.

3. Third, because the mask used can contain many bacteria and viruses, try not to touch the mask carelessly. Even if you accidentally touch it, try to wash your hands again with soap.

4. Fourth, you must also immediately replace the mask if it feels moist. To remove the mask, there are also procedures. If you want to remove the mask, pull the two hooks attached to the ear, without touching the fabric mask and immediately throw it into the trash immediately and don’t forget to wash your hands again, yes.

Another Way to Wear Mask

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Have you ever heard that the two sides of a mask are said to have different functions? This was viral. Then what is the right way to wear a mask according to your doctor?

Some time ago a video emerged that mentioned two different sides of the mask having different functions. The white part of the mask can be placed on the inside when you have the flu. Because its function is to filter out micro-organisms so they don’t spread out and infect other people.

Of course this makes many people wonder. How to wear the right mask for healthy people or how to wear the right mask when the flu is the same. To detikHealth, Yunadi Aulia Desmawan as Manager of the Consumer Health Care Division of PT 3M Indonesia said the expression about the two sides of masks having different functions is hoaks.

“There are still many Indonesians wearing masks that are turned upside down, the inside is normal if they want to protect themselves from outside attacks. But when they are sick, they turn the inside to the outside, with the perception of protecting others,” he said in response.

Responding to this, how to use the correct mask according to doctors as quoted in detikHealth, a pulmonary specialist from the Friendship General Hospital (RSUP) Friendship, Dr. Feni Fitriani Taufik, SpP (K), MPdKed does not confirm this. “Not true. The blue ones should be outside,” he said.

According to Feni, the correct way to wear a nose mask is that the hard part is placed on top (nose) so that the leakage effect is smaller.

So how to use the right mask?

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1. Make sure to always wash your hands with soap before putting on the mask.

2. Look for the outer side of the mask. If your mask has two different colors (generally green and white), the outside of the mask is the green one. Then the white side is attached directly to the skin, while the green layer is facing outwards.

3. Determine the top side of the mask, usually marked by the presence of nasal wire lines.

4. For a mask using a rope: position the nose wire above the nose with your fingers, then tie the two sides of the strap at the top to the top of your head. After the mask can hang, pull the mask down to close the mouth to the chin. Tie the bottom strap at the nape or back of the neck.

5. For rubber masks: you only need to tie a rubber strap behind the ear. After the mask is securely attached to the face, pinch the wire to follow the curve of your nose so that the mask is more tightly closed. And extend the indentations of the mask to bring it to cover all parts that need to be covered namely the nose, mouth and chin.

How to Use a Cloth Mask to Prevent Corona Virus Infection

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Due to the scarcity of surgical masks and N95 respirator masks that are ideal for preventing Corona virus infections, many now use cloth masks in an effort to protect themselves from the Corona virus. However, what is the ideal way to use cloth masks to prevent Corona virus infection?

Corona virus can be transmitted through sputum sputum or saliva when people with COVID-19 cough or sneeze. To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus, people who are coughing or sneezing are advised to wear a mask to keep the body fluids from splashing.

How to Use Cloth Masks to Prevent Corona Virus Infection

Not a few people who use surgical masks in the middle of the Corona virus outbreak. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, surgical masks became a rare and expensive item. Not only the community, doctors, nurses, and all medical staff who deal with patients are now starting to have trouble getting masks.

Therefore, many are forced to look for other alternative masks, namely with cloth masks. However, are cloth masks effective at preventing the spread of the Corona virus?

Cloth Masks and Corona Virus

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Until now, there have been no studies that prove that cloth masks are effective at protecting someone from the Corona virus. How to Wear The Correct Mask on Cloth Mask? Is it effective to use a cloth mask ?

There are several studies that show that compared to cloth masks, surgical masks and N95 respirator masks appear to be more effective in filtering dust, bacteria, and viruses and can prevent the sputum or saliva from entering others when they cough or sneeze.

Therefore, cloth masks are considered less effective in protecting you from exposure to viruses, including Corona virus.

The following are some reasons why fabric masks are less effective in reducing the risk of Corona virus transmission:

Cloth masks are not medical equipment and have not been tested with recognized medical standards.
The fabric used is not the same as the surgical mask or N95 mask.

The tip of the fabric mask tends to be loose, so it cannot completely cover the area around the nose and mouth.
A cloth mask cannot prevent the virus from entering the nose or mouth through the air.

Cloth masks actually increase the risk of virus entry into the body because this mask is easy to move and loose, so the wearer needs to repeatedly touch the face to adjust the position of the mask.

Even so, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of cloth masks to the wider community to suppress the spread of the Corona virus, especially by people who have been infected with the Corona virus but do not experience any symptoms and appear healthy.

How to Use a Cloth Mask to More Effectively Prevent Corona Virus

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Although it is called less effective than other types of masks, it does not mean that fabric masks are not suitable for use at all. Because of the limited number of masks that are ideal for preventing Corona virus, fabric masks can be used as a last resort to protect you from Corona virus exposure.

This is considered better than not wearing a mask at all when you cough and sneeze or when you are close to other people who might have been infected with the Corona virus.

One important point is to be safe from the possibility of contracting How to Wear The Correct Mask To keep fabric masks safe and effective to use, try following the following tips:

  1. Choose a mask that fits your face size and can cover your mouth, nose and chin.
  2. Wash hands before wearing a mask, then wear the mask on the face and tuck the strap behind the ear or tie the mask strap behind the head tightly so that the mask does not loose.
  3. When cloth masks are used, avoid touching the mask. If you want to correct the position of a mask that is changing or loose, wash your hands first before touching the cloth mask that is being used.
  4. After completing use, remove the mask by opening the mask strap behind the head then washing the cloth mask with hot water and detergent.
  5. Replace cloth mask immediately if it has been torn or damaged.

Tips to Prevent Corona Virus

how to wear a mask to avoid corona virus
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In order to avoid transmission of the Corona virus that causes COVID-19, there are several preventative steps you can take to protect yourself, namely:

Wash your hands regularly with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds. If there is no water and soap, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then immediately throw the tissue in the trash.
Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth area.

Apply physical distancing by continuing to study, worship, and work at home.

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Maintain endurance by regularly exercising at home, eating nutritious foods and supplements, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and not smoking.

So, there are How to Wear The Correct Mask. Wearing a cloth mask may not be fully effective at protecting yourself from the Corona virus. However, this can at least prevent transmission of the virus to others, if you suffer from COVID-19.

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