Easy Ways How to Care Succulent & Cactus

The beautiful day for a beautiful lover. We hope our life still happy & the rising sun is shining brightly. Today we will learn together about how to care succulent & a cactus.

The lovers of this beautiful plant can not escape, how to make all types of plants that we can grow with fertility and beauty. therefore. Let’s take a peek. What should be done to get the best cactus and succulents with the best results? Here it is the stages:

Quality of Water

the right way to water succulents
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The provision of water in plants such as cactus or succulents has a different treatment from other plants in general. If the pot or container you use has small holes, then water your succulent or cactus every week during its active growth period.

However, if the pot or container does not have a hole, then give a little water regularly, so that the soil is not so dry. Excessive watering will actually adversely affect plant roots. Roots that are too wet will rot, and can make plants die.

The Light  Intensity

good sunlight for succulent
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Place this type of succulent plant or cactus around a window or a place that is exposed to a light intensity not too often. Some grow able to survive in the sun with high intensity, but if the placement is not right, it can interfere with the growth. How to Care Succulent & cactus so easy if you doing that.

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And the development of plants due to unbalanced growth or has a length that tends to one direction. So make sure your succulents or cactus get enough sunlight but with an even intensity to get maximum growth and shape.

Soil Mixture Type

type of soil that is succulent
Credit: Garden Helpful

This type of plant prefers soil types with lots of air voids, as well as easy to dry. The type of pumice with perlite mixed with soil is a good composition for cactus and succulent growth. Or you can also take the land directly where you find it where the cactus is found.

That way the cactus is more familiar with the type of soil that is the breeding ground.

Care to Lithop

lithops care
credit: cactus plaza

Pay close attention to care on Lithop. Make sure you don’t overdo this water. Litop is very sensitive to the large amount of water. This part can be easily. When autumn, give watering, which is when the buds begin to look until the visible growth of leaves.

Type of irrigation by watering it until the water seeps into the hole and out of it. One thing to note is not to water this type of plant in winter and summer, except with very rare intensity. Ie about once a month. Place the lithop on a window that has lighting from the south.

Additional Nutrition

succulent care of fertilizer
credit: wikihow

How to provide fertilizer is by fertilizing 10-10-10 during the growing season by diluting 1/4 of the watering. For color, succulents better tolerate environments with low light intensity.

Which Color Suit You

variation of color succulent
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When your place is, or when you are not able to provide enough light for succulent, then don’t take succulent in blue, pink, white, and purple.

How to Propagation Succulent & Cactus

various of propagating suculent cactus
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For propagation or multiplication of succulents themselves, you can use several methods, such as cuttings, leaf cuttings that can produce saplings and seeds.

winter months, according to where the geography is. then it can be tricked by giving artificial lighting from lights to stimulate its growth. Of course we recommend that you use energy-efficient lighting to be more environmentally and environmentally friendly.

so those are just a few things you can learn about How to Care Succulent and cacti. Life is always more beautiful with plants that refresh the eyes, so don’t ever be bored to always plant trees. Plant plants for our future generations. Please leave your comments in the comments column. Look forward to our next article about other. And Happy Green.

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