Easy Bullet Journal, How to Make a Creative Way to Realize Organized Life

This planning method had existed on Instagram recent years. Many people start using the Bullet Journal method, especially students. In addition to making notes more organized, Bullet Journal also makes it easier to monitor activities and other important things that occur in everyday life.

Especially with the freedom to create, this method makes planning more enjoyable. Want to know more about the easy Bullet Journal and its contents? Here are the things about Bullet Journal that you need to know.

Bullet Journal Concept

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Bullet Journal is a method of managing things that you need or are doing using symbols. Well, the symbols used show the status of an activity, for example as in the picture above. There are no rules for creating a Bullet Journal. This method aims to make planning more fun and exciting, while encouraging your creative side.

How to make a Bullet Journal

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Making a Bullet Journal isn’t as difficult what you think All you need is a notebook (preferably unlined) and a variety of stationery. With these tools, you are free to be creative at will. If you feel less confident in your artistic abilities, stickers, photos, stamps, and washi tape can be used to beautify your Bullet Journal.

Don’t want a bustling Bullet Journal? It is okay. Your easy Bullet Journal can be made with a simple layout. Making a Bullet Journal with monochromatic colors isn’t a problem either, the important thing is that you enjoy this planning process.

Things You Must Load in the Bullet Journal

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Initially, the planning concept was only used to track the status of your daily activities. However, many users begin to load various parts to track other things. In addition to the Index page (to explain the meaning of the symbols to be used) and the weekly planner (to load your activities every day).

One segment that is very useful for Bullets Journal is an expense tracker, aka expense record. Every time you spend money, record it on the expense tracker so that your financial flow is more manageable.

Loading the tracker habit segment can also help you observe the habits you want to monitor, for example the routine of drinking eight glasses of water per day. This Habit tracker is useful for those who want to quit or reduce bad habits like smoking. In this segment, you can record how many cigarettes you spend per day and observe your progress over time.

Many other segments can be added. Have a dream of becoming a YouTuber or blogger? Write down the ideas that you have for your next channel or blog content. Want to observe how diligently you exercise? Create a special segment to record exercise routines.

Putting together everything you want to remember and keep an eye on in one book, the magic book esay bullet journal will make planning easier. (source:journal.sociolla.com)

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