Breaking Fast Dua Taught by Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Breaking Fast Dua Ramadan is a month full of forgiveness. In this month, Allah opens the doors of heaven as wide as possible for mankind to repent. And the gates of Allah’s hell are closed in this glorious month.

The Virtue of Fasting

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Allah shackles the demons so that their temptation of humans becomes weaker. One of the main rituals that we encounter in this month of Ramadan is fasting Ramadan.

Ramadan fasting is obligatory on humans not because Allah needs it. This fast is required for the good of Muslims themselves. Because it can’t be rejected anymore.

That there are great benefits contained in fasting Ramadan. Even people of other religions agree that fasting is one of the rituals or jobs that are very beneficial for the human body.

Benefits of Fasting

Even more than that. By fasting in Ramadan, a person’s psychology will slowly be improved because we are trying to hold back anger and struggle to practice patience. Behind the virtue of this fast. We also need to break the fast after dawn until the sunsets.

The menu for breaking the fast in each country varies. This is closely related to the eating habits in each region in various parts of the world.

How Prophet Muhammad  (ﷺ) Break of Fasting

But Pr0phet Muhammad  (ﷺ) never obliged us to eat certain foods when we broke the fast. It’s just that there are several sunnah that the apostle taught us.

Namely like breaking with water and dates when we start breaking the fast. Of course behind it all there is goodness that Allah has given in it. Well, then is there a particular prayer that the apostle taught us when we are or are about to break the fast? And the answer is definitely there.

Why do we say there must be? Because Rasulallah is a role model who always teaches his people to pray. Always. Even all the deeds that humans did from a to z the apostle taught his prayers.

Breaking Fast Dua / Pray

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This is none other than because of his high faith as Allah’s lover. Clarity of heart and His sincerity always make God love him and willing to answer his prayers. Because Allah loves sincere people.

Well, then what kind of prayer did the Apostle teach us to break our fast. Here is the prayer pronunciation and its meaning.

The video above shows how to pray when you break your fast. Nothing but prayer is asking for the goodness of what Allah has given us from the food that Allah has given us and can eat when breaking our fast. Hopefully this article can help you in fasting. May Allah always bless us all wassalamualaikum warahmatullah.

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