21+ Delicious & Beautiful Birthday Cake Recipe | It so Easy !!!

Birthday Cake Recipe – Hello mothers. On this occasion, we will share a variety of recipes Birthday Cake is delicious and very beautiful. Okay, just follow these some nice and unique cakes that you can use for yourself at home with ease and fun.

But, make a birthday cake should also pay attention from the health side yes. Do not put too much fat in it, so the kids stay healthy. Because we all know that millennial generations have diseases that are different from those of previous generations. That is a lot of diseases that occur due to unhealthy eating patterns.

Don’t worry about it! Because recipe recipes know this is not only put forward in terms of health. But also put forward a high flavor to be consumed by anyone. And of course will spoil the tongue anyone who want to try it.

Beautiful Flower Cake

beautify your birthday cake with a flower decoration that looks sweet and elegant. This one cake will be very suitable for your child or girl friend. With natural colors and not too flashy is perfect for teens to adulthood.

Birthday Cake Choco Chips Toping

Make a birthday cake with your own hands. Make it with your creativity and with delicious flavors. Starting the cake with a sprinkling of chocolate chips that makes this cake even more unique and sweet. Read also related articles:


Blue Murbey Birthday Cake

Birthday cake with fruit flavors will surely refresh. Make a slightly different birthday cake. Namely by including the flavor of fruit and raw materials of grapes or fruit murbey as a very pampering flavor of the tongue.

Chocolate Tart Cream Color

Birthday cake is synonymous with the soft and sweet tart. With this tart everyone can taste it. The texture is soft so it can be eaten by the children and even the baby though. Well therefore do not forget to give a touch of some cream to beautify birthday cake.

You can include some ping, white, or yellow creams to brighten the look of a very tempting cake

Pink Fruity Cake

Pink cake with sweet cream is the girl’s favorite cake. To minimize the fat content in the cake, we usually give fruits. On this occasion we choose raspberries and oranges as a source of natural vitamin C.

Tart with Melting Chocolate

the chocolate melt will make the birthday cake look tempting and evocative. Give the ornament by melting the chocolate bar first. After the melt immediately pour the dough chocolate over a chocolate over a finished tart quart to produce a perfect melt effect.

Colorful Flower Cake

Create a touch of beautiful and captivating artwork with red and pink flower arrangements that steal the attention of everyone who sees it.

Choco Spread Cake

Thick chocolate rouge that is very tempting kaan make your baby like it. A sweet chocolate flavor might make him gain weight. But do not worry, giving chocolate to the child does not matter as long as it is not done continuously. Or you can also outsmart by inviting them to exercise the next day to change the fat they consume into energy spent through perspiration.

Strawberry Pasta Cake

Never forget the strawberries in every dish you want to serve. Strawberry is a fruit that is famous for its high vitamin C content. Of course this will be very useful for children who are still in its infancy. Especially for oral health and body endurance.

Layer Mese Cake

This one cake needs some process that is not easy. The carefulness in making each layer requires special finesse. But you will never be disappointed with the result.

Brown Cake

Birthday cake with raw material of pure chocolate and some flour. Chocolate is a popular ingredient that can improve a worsening mood. Give him this chocolate cake and fix his mood. He will surely feel very grateful to you.

Pinky Fulcolor Cake

Full Chocolate Birthday Cake


Brownies Meses Cake

Sugar Base Cake

Delicious Birthday Cake

Brownies Happy Birthday Cake

Vanilla Strawberry Cake

Small Cake with Melting Milk

that’s some examples of birthday cake that you can make reference. So which type would you choose to make as a birthday cake to give to special people. Please share your opinion in the comments below. If interesting please share.

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