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ZombiU expects to breathe life into Wii-U

Let’s be honest, we’re all approaching the Wii-U with reserved skepticism. We’re all ready for the next generation of consoles, but are gimmicks the way to approach it? Nintendo thinks so, the gimmick being the Wii-U and it’s tablet-like controller. Of course, gimmicks aren’t necessarily negative because there are a few developers who can embrace the technology and make the best of it — one of these developers is Ubisoft.  The upcoming zombie survival game, ZombiU, is already causing Zed-lovers to perk up and take notice.

Because we’ve been inundated with countless zombie movies, television shows, and even games, it’s hard to get players excited for another title. That’s why the focus is on contextual gameplay versus “kill them! kill them all!” Set in London, the antagonist must control a random survivor in the hopes of escaping the horde. Sad part is, one bite and you’re dead. For good.

Like, gone.

You may get lucky and stumble across a character you’ve previously played as and if you decide the risk is worth the reward, you can kill ‘it’ and get some of your inventory back. Though with the risk of perma-death constantly weighing on your shoulders, it may be safer (and smarter) to just continue on your way.

A nice touch is the fact that your inventory is stored in your bag (the Wii-U controller) and must be accessed in order to be used. What that means for players is that in order to use ‘the gun’ or ‘the lockpick’, you have to dig into your bag, find it, pull it out, then use it. With a dozen undead intent on gnawing your ass off, the tension becomes apparent.

Ubisoft has recently released two new gameplay trailers of ZombiU, showing off the sparkling visuals, tense gameplay, and some features players can expect to find throughout the game. While we all sit back and quietly doubt Nintendo’s next console, Ubisoft has made it apparent that there will be games worth playing.



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