Despite being a journalist and a master of the written word, I appreciate spending time on the video side of things. I live-stream through Twitch quite often and I’m partnered with Machinima through my Youtube channel.

To give you a breakdown of my video streaming and editing setup, I currently use an Elgato Game Capture HD which scored the highest in my Console Capture Card Comparison. For audio I have a Blue Snowball Mic, which is also what I use for podcasting.

Video editing software is where the bulk of the expense came in. To edit videos (and audio, actually) I use Sony Vegas Pro 10.0. It’s old and kind of outdated, but I know it and can’t really afford to sink hundreds of dollars into the newest version. I also use Adobe After Effects, but I’m still in the process of learning that. It’s more for intros and “fluff videos”, but it’s really interesting and the power behind it is amazing.