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The Goldmine Near You – Feature

In more than 40 years since the “birth” of video gaming, there’s no denying the evolution that has taken place, both from an economical and technological view.

Those of us who grew up gaming remember Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Gauntlet and others that helped us hone our hand-eye coordination 25 cents at a time. Now we watch our children discover gaming and understand why our parents wouldn’t let us play “just one more hour,” even after promising to clean our rooms as soon as we were done.

Today, gaming has taken a major step forward. And though many of us look back on the “good old days of gaming” with rose-colored glasses, thankfully those days aren’t entirely gone.

If you want to share those experiences with your child, or if you’re just looking to rebuild your classic collection, there’s almost certainly a goldmine near your house. Go to Goodwill.

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