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Review Rewind – Dying Light: The Following

Fresh on the heels of the monumental year that Dying Light had, developer Techland is continuing their momentum by releasing The Following, featuring all new content. While the game has certainly seen its share of support via paid DLC and free updates, The Following is on an entirely different level to what we’ve seen. In […]

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Xbox One’s Netflix No-No

You’re excited! You’ve just unpacked your brand new Xbox One and you can’t wait to set it up to turn your entire entertainment world into a one-stop shop. Your television, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon subscriptions are going to work seamlessly. You’re a little upset that the Xbox One/Twitch streaming functionality doesn’t quite work yet, but […]

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Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal

For the past few years gamers have been ripping Microsoft apart after each E3 event, held annually in June, for not catering to the hardcore crowd. That’s why, entering the reveal of the next generation of Xbox console yesterday, Microsoft was faced with a win/lose situation. Microsoft could use the reveal to focus on gaming […]

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