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The “Where the F**K Sm1tty has been” update

I’ve had tweets, Facebook messages, and emails to the Press A to Listen podcast, all asking what happened to me. I all but disappeared from social media, I haven’t updated this blog in nearly four months and, aside from that, it was only used as a window to my freelance work or to host a contest. […]

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Skyrim Character Creation: Treasure Hunter

The skill and perk system in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an amalgamation of active and passive skills geared specifically around the type of character you want to make.  You can specialize in a few specific skill trees and become a master, or you can divide your skills around and, while you may not […]

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Saints Row the Third: Ever Want to Bludgeon Someone with a Dildo?

Video games have evolved into a near lifelike state.  Routinely we judge games based on realism, both with their story, their gameplay, and their visuals.  Far too often we judge games on how immersing they are while we forget the core reason we started gaming: fun.  THQ and Volition change that with Saints Row the […]

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Batman: Arkham City

Inevitably you’ve already seen details about Batman: Arkham City.  The story, characters, collectibles, and gadgets pull the game together to provide players with dozens of hours of playtime and rarely does it get repetitive or boring.  Set in a dark, cordoned off section of Gotham, Batman is thrust into a physical and mental struggle against […]

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Battlefield 3: The Ooh’s and Aww’s

It’s rare that I have such a mixed feeling regarding a video game.  Normally, my emotions range from “meh” to “how amazing!” but Battlefield 3 provides a rainbow of emotions.  Not emotions triggered by the game content, mind you, but differing emotions about the multiplayer vs. the singleplayer.  There are a lot of redeeming qualities […]

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My Netflix Prediction

Recently, the CEO’s of Netflix have been brainstorming and trying new ideas in an effort to increase profits and corner the market on gaming, DVD rental, and streaming services.  They’ve been largely unsuccessful.  First, reports started pouring in that Netflix streaming subscribers were unable to watch content on two devices at the same time, which […]

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Sm1tty Sm1t’s eXtra Life 2011!

This past Saturday I participated in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Hospitals.  The event was called eXtra Life and is an annual event aimed at gathering donations.  The event was a monstrous success, both for me personally, but more importantly for the event.  I raised $288.00 against my goal of […]

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Rules for Dead Island Survival

Since the release of the movie “Zombieland,” citing rules for survival in a zombie movie has become cliche.  But, call me cliche all you want, when I’m looting legendary items while you’re getting your faced chewed off, we’ll see who is cliche.  The fact of the matter is, there are suggestions for survival, there are […]

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta

After avoiding the email since August 26th, I finally decided to see what the hell Ubisoft wanted.  To my surprise, I got this little perk sent to me: So, as I sit here and daydream of the games that are releasing in the coming months, Skyrim, Rage, Call of Duty, and others, I think, “Is […]

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When Did Average Become Bad?

I’m a notorious “over rater,” that is, I love gaming so much that when I review games, I award a higher score than most game reviewers.  Similarly, if I hate a game, I hate it with the fire of 1,000 hells.  Because I’m aware of this, I score, review, re-score, and re-review all of my […]

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