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January 10, 2016 (posted late) – Rebel Galaxy

Not every post I make is going to take a hard stance on something. Sometimes it’s nice just to talk about the games I’ve been playing. I have the Press A to Listen podcast to do that, sure, but we don’t rehearse that (clearly) and sometimes I simply forget to talk about certain aspects a game. […]

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Microsoft Bets Big on Indie Developers

You may remember Microsoft’s Indie Game Marketplace on Xbox 360, but it’s been absent since the release of the Xbox One. Now, Microsoft intends to change that. Microsoft has confirmed that more than 200 dev kits have been shipped to developers. The implementation of an indie program has been MIA since fans finally got their […]

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5 Indie Games That Are Taking On The Industry

Not every game is created equal, and unfortunately many aren’t created at all; even with a AAA budget and AAA talent, cancellations happen. That’s why when indie video games release, they’re worth applauding. Continuing the trend of the last few years, 2013 presented an exceptional number of indie games on a variety of systems. Some […]

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Preview – Race the Sun

Simple and excrutiatingly hard, Race the Sun is a surprising smatter on the indie game canvas. Developer Flippfly takes a minimalist art style and slaps you in the face with some of the most difficult-but-rewarding gameplay that has graced PC gaming in a long while. While Race the Sun certainly has a layer of depth, […]

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Avatar Fighter XBLIG Video Review

A brief video review for Avatar Fighter, available on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

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Indie games need achievements!

“Yeah, it’s fun for an Indie Game,”  is not acceptable to me.  A game is either fun, or it isn’t, and tagging a description with “for an Indie Game” is insulting to both players and developers.  A bad game, regardless of who makes it, will always be categorized as a bad game.  So why does […]

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Toddler Tantrum! Indie Game Review

My review on a surprising little indie title aimed at toddlers, Toddler Tantrum is available on Xbox Live Indie Games.

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Radian Games Ballistic Video Review

A video review of Radian Games Ballistic available on Xbox Live Arcade.

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Corrupted – Indie Game Review

We’ve all become familiar with twin-stick shooters, but twin-stick slasher?  That’s certainly a unique take on the genre.  Corrupted uses exactly that and presents it in a way both fun and entertaining, which is an uncommon description used for an Xbox Live Indie Game. Story Instead of being the dashing hero who is sent to […]

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Lawnmower VS. Zombies Indie Game Review

Lawnmower – Check.  Zombies – Check.  An uncut field of grass – che..wait what?  When I first saw this game on the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games channel, I immediately thought this would be a fun, unique experience.  I was only half right. Lawnmowers Vs. Zombies puts you in the driver’s seat of a riding […]

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