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PDP G7 Xbox One Headset Review

It’ll be two years in November since the Xbox One hit retailers to welcome in the current generation of console gaming and, since that time, we’ve been waiting for the inevitable wave of gaming headsets to be released into the wild. In June, at E3 2015, an array of companies discussed their gameplan for getting […]

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Contest – Win a Steelseries Spectrum 7XB Xbox 360 Headset

Another headset giveaway! I need to note that this is, again, the exact set that I reviewed. It’s been opened and used. Get a baby wipe or a sanitary napkin or something to wipe it down when you win. Because I’m a fat guy. I sweat when I breathe. That being said — RULES! There are rules this […]

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Cavimanus PC Headset Review

The tenets consumers use when shopping for audio headsets are similar: price, sound quality, comfort, and features — typically in that order. It’s rare to find a headset that simply meets a consumer’s requirements and it’s even rarer to find a headset that excels at each, especially if the company doesn’t specialize in headsets. Genius […]

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Tritton Primer Wireless Headset Video Review

I’m a sort of a gaming headset-o-phile. I use, collect, review, and dissect them as often as possible. Here’s a review of the Tritton Primer: youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcxRN4wPmaM

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SteelSeries Headset Review (PC: Diablo, Xbox 360: Spectrum 7XB)

Audiophile – noun – a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction.  See video gamers. Ok, the definition doesn’t direct you to “video gamers,” but it should.  We appreciate surprising stories, sparkling graphics, deep gameplay, clean interfaces and beautiful, smooth sound.  Luckily for us SteelSeries is making that smooth sound more attainable.  The Diablo 3 headset for PC and the […]

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Turtle Beach X12’s – A Party for Your Earhole

We gamers are spoiled.  Not only do we have cutting edge visuals, deep, engrossing stories, and constant, ever-changing worlds, Turtle Beach brings us crisp, clear audio.  I’m talking about the Earforce X12 gaming headset, of course.  Packing massive 50mm speakers, bass boost, and a sleek black and green motif, the X12′s are stylish, affordable, and […]

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