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Giveaway – Dark Souls 2 (PS4)

I promised a TON of Bluetooth speaker giveaways, then ran one … SORRY. I’ve still got those around, so that’s coming, but I have a copy of Dark Souls II for PS4 that I want one of you to have. It’s not that I won’t play it, it’s just that… OK yeah, I won’t play it. […]

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The strangest Android Wi-fi fix … Ever?

I’m no stranger to the world of tablets and smartphones, having tested, reviewed, and owned many, but what I’ve dealt with over the last few weeks is nothing short of confusing. A few weeks back I saw a notification showing that there was a new Android system update available. I installed the update, the tablet restarted, […]

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Giveaway – Touch Speaker Boombox

For the Spring Issue of College News Magazine I worked on looking at some recent mobile speakers in an attempt to help the readers understand what’s currently available, what they should look for when shopping, and then did a basic review of a number of speakers and graded them on different attributes. Because I had to get […]

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Bring it Back! – Final Fantasy 7

The wonderful thing about my Bring it Back! series is that when I look back at some of my favorite games or movies and make a case as to why I’d like to see a sequel or remake, most readers are in agreement. This week will be no different, because in 1997 we fell in […]

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Kids Play the Darndest Things returns!

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Bring it Back! – Deathrow

Back in 2002 I was introduced to a sport that would forever change the way I feel about frisbee golf. Instead of a game played barefoot by the hippies on campus, I found that there were ways to make it feel dangerous. Namely: introduce random violence. Southend Interactive and Ubisoft teamed up and did just […]

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Catching up with the World’s Youngest Power Ranger

In late 2013 a little boy went viral thanks to a picture from his first day of Pre-school. At four years old, Kaleb had a clear idea of what he wanted to be when he grew up: a Power Ranger. What happened after it caught on was nothing short of magical, and it was all […]

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Bring it Back! – Jade Empire

While we’re in the midst of an era where remakes are being pushed out in both video games and movies. Instead of pushing back against it, I think it’s in our best interest to embrace it. Bring it Back! is a new, weekly segment where I dive into a game or movie that could benefit […]

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Last-minute Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s almost Christmas and you haven’t finished your shopping yet! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!? First of all, calm down. With modern-day advances like overnight delivery and last-minute gift guides, there’s no reason to panic. The hardest part of shopping at the last minute is deciding what to get for those people in your […]

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Review – Far Cry 4

When it comes to First Person Shooters, you typically expect a lot of competitive online multiplayer where you run around, alone or with a team, trying to blast your opponent into oblivion. That’s why Far Cry 4 is so different. Sure, the competitive multiplayer component is present, but the single player campaign is so well […]

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