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February 2, 2016 – What I’m playing & The Division Beta Chatter

When you start making money in a profession — any profession — you become the “go to” person for advice. My wife, a nurse, gets calls asking about particular ailments, friends who are cooks or chefs are asked to bring specialty dishes to events, and mechanics get asked to work on the cars of friends […]

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IGN Feature – The Reality Behind the Pro Gaming Scene

There are more similarities between e-sports and professional sports (such as football or basketball) than you might think. Players in both fields dedicate innumerable hours to honing their craft by practicing with teammates, training on particular fields or maps, and devoting nearly every waking moment to making themselves better at their prospective aspirations. There are […]

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Call of Duty Black Ops II Review

It’s a difficult task to release a sequel to a popular game. It’s especially daunting when it’s the sequel to the best-selling game of all-time and that game is the most popular for its online play. Developer Treyarch realizes this too, but still approached the single-player campaign with fervor in an attempt to create a […]

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Is there room for another shooter?

Duke Nukem Forever releases June 14th.  Battlefield 3 has been announced, also Modern Warfare 3.  The Gears of War 3 Beta has just wrapped up, and at E3 2012 I expect to hear about a Halo remake or possibly, a Medal of Honor sequel.  It’s no secret that First Person Shooters (FPS) are a popular […]

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