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The strangest Android Wi-fi fix … Ever?

I’m no stranger to the world of tablets and smartphones, having tested, reviewed, and owned many, but what I’ve dealt with over the last few weeks is nothing short of confusing. A few weeks back I saw a notification showing that there was a new Android system update available. I installed the update, the tablet restarted, then the troubles began. My Wi-Fi wouldn’t turn on. Each and every time I tried to turn it on, it would show “Turning on” for a couple of minutes, then just turn back off.

I tried everything I could think of. Immediately I restarted the device. No help. After scouring the internet for a couple of hours, I decided it was time to try a System Restore, effectively wiping the tablet. Still nothing. I accessed the boot menu to try and clear the cache and … the Wi-Fi still wouldn’t work. I assumed that there may have been some sort of hardware malfunction or, considering some of the issues Android has had in the past, that the update contained a bug. I set the tablet aside and started researching what the problem could be.

Thankfully I have another tablet, a back-up, and was able to use that, but in the meantime I would spend three or four hours a week just looking up possible fixes and reading message boards that might have some suggestion on what to do. For weeks nothing I tried worked, leading me to believe that maybe the tablet was to be forever used as a paperweight. I tried using Bluetooth to connect it to my phone, then accessing the internet in order to scan for an update or to download a number of apps that might fix the issue.

Still nothing worked.

Finally though, I came across a comment buried in the dark recesses of the internet. The places you don’t really go without a chaperon. It reminded me of Harry Potter’s “Knockturn Alley,” but with more porn. The comment suggested two possible solutions, both seemingly ridiculous.

First, reset your clock to use the “network time.” As there was no network, that option was out. Second, as sort of an “oh by the way” comment at the end, the user suggested removing any SD card that was in the device. It couldn’t be that simple, could it?

It was.

The tablet booted up with no problem, connected to my home network, and all is well again. The reason I write this is because of the time spent trying to find a solution to my problem. Dozens of message boards, conversations, troubleshooting sites, blog posts, and FAQs searched gave me no help whatsoever. Some random guy (or girl) on the internet, making a comment as an afterthought did.

So if you’re plagued with issues on your Android device, even if it’s not the Wi-Fi issue, and you can’t get it to work. Always, always, alwaysremove your SD card first.

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