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Stealth Action RPG ‘Dark’ Announced

A stealth action game with a touch of RPG that has you playing as a vampire … I could end this now and you’d probably be sold. I’ll explain further, though. Kalypso Media (known for the Tropico series) and RealmForge (developers of Dungeons) announced that Dark will be releasing on Xbox 360 and Windows PC in early 2013.

As previously mentioned, Dark puts you in the role of one of the popular bloodsuckers currently ravaging pop culture. Your objective is to infiltrate the GeoForge corporation using stealth and combat to overcome obstacles and enemies. Stealth maneuvers are described as ‘disappearing into a puff of smoke’ and silent movements, while combat indicates players will be using the vampire’s supernatural abilities to rip enemies to shreds. The AI enemies, police officers, special forces and even other supernatural foes like ghouls and vampires, are developed to be ‘intelligently controlled’, though what that means exactly isn’t known.

Featuring a cell-shaded visual system, skills that can be developed as players progress, and an interesting setting, Dark is certain to draw some attention in the coming months. The gritty, evil tone should be a fun experience, but have players started growing tired of vampires?

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