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Sony unveils the next-generation Playstation Console

Sony held their 2013 “meeting” on February 20th to unveil their next-generation of console to the gaming public. The Playstation 4 was confirmed with a release coming this year, but not price or even image of the device was discussed. What we did hear was that the PS4 is packed full of computing goodness, has developed a new controller, has some fascinating first-party titles on the docket, and is implementing their recent acquisition of Gaikai in interesting ways. As we wind down on the longest console generation gamers have ever seen, the announcements made by Sony are certainly intriguing, but were they enough?

A lot of the discussion regarding the upgrades within the system itself focused on hardware and the potential for it. The brain of the device is from AMD and is an impressive 8-core 64-bit Jaguar CPU. The GPU, for graphical processing aka “making things pretty,” is from Radeon and was only vaguely explained via the power it delivers. For those keeping track at home though, 1.85 teraflops of RAW POWER is intriguing and should make for some improvements in the coming years! 8GB of unified GDDR5 memory versus the total 512MB of RAM seen in the Playstation 3 also means the console will essentially compute and react faster.

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