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Sleeping Dogs

Formerly True Crime Hong Kong, the August 14, 2012, release of Sleeping Dogs by Square Enix is turning heads and giving players a sense of optimism. Free-roam, third-person action games have become a saturated world, but Sleeping Dogs looks to blend a smooth, clean fighting system with a deep story in order to keep players progressing through the story and, potentially, exploring the vast world created.

The angle is to present players with an ‘action movie’ type experience, presenting the main character with varying challenges throughout the game. Meticulous care is given to each scene, presenting players with countless options as the story progresses. Hand-to-hand combat may fade to a shoot-out with pistols or assault rifles, and then immediately degrade into an intense knife-fight. Weapons aren’t meant to be the focus of combat, only to give certain bonuses, ensuring players default to kicks, punches, or even using the environment to defeat opponents.

As expected, the open world aspect gives players a wide variety of options when progressing. The story focuses on Wei Shen, a police officer dedicated to bringing down various crime factions. With such a large city, players can expect dozens of side-missions and countless NPC’s to interact with.

Despite the IP change, Sleeping Dogs may end up being a sleeping hit (sorry, I had to do it) of 2012.



*UPDATE Square Enix just released a new trailer for Sleeping Dogs:


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