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Skylanders Monopoly … it’s a thing


In another brilliant marketing move, Activision has teamed up with USAopoly to merge two beloved titles. In a union to rival Brangelina or peanut butter and chocolate, the popular Skylanders franchise will be seen together with the board game Monopoly to form Monopoly: Skylanders. Seriously, we couldn’t get SkylandersOpoly? Skyopoly? Monolanders? OK, sure, Monopoly: Skylanders is probably best. This is why I’m writing on a blog and not doing PR for…*cough*

RIGHT, the board game. With custom design, including locations and collectible game pieces, players will roll the dice and frolic around areas like Stealth Elf’s Dojo or Spyro’s Chompy Diner. Available through Amazon.com (click my banner for God’s sake, my kids need to eat) and retailing around $39.99, Monopoly: Skylanders is available now!

Game Board:

  • Boardwalk:       Thumpback’s Thundering Tide Pool
  • Park Place:       Zap’s Lightning Race Track
    • Green:              Stealth Elf’s Ninja Dojo, Tree Rex’s Tree house, Stump Smash’s Nut Crackers
    • Yellow:             Chop Chop’s Boneyard, Cynder’s Haunted House, Eye Brawl’s Optometry
    • Red:                 Eruptor’s Hot Springs, Hot Dog’s Lemonade Stand, Ignitor’s Medieval BBQ
    • Orange:            Trigger Happy’s Bank Vault, Drobot’s Oil Change, Bouncer’s Roboball Court
    • Magenta:          Spyro’s Chompy Diner, Pop Fizz Flavor Laboratory, Ninjini’s Bottle Shop
    • Light Blue:       Lightening Rod’s Cloud Gym, Jet-Vac’s Indoor Skydiving, Whirlwind’s Rainbow Lounge
    • Brown:             Terrafin’s Mud Spa, Crusher’s Home Improvement
    • Railroads:         Flynn’s Blimp Tours, Air-Pirate Express, Molekin Mine Train, Dread Yacht Delivery Service
    • Comm. Chest:   Treasure Chest
    • Chance:            Luck-O-Tron
    • Electric Co:       Core of Light Electric
    • Waterworks:     Drill-X’s Boxed Beats
    • Income Tax:      Auric’s Traveling Store Taxes
    • Luxury Tax:      Persephone’s Gem Shop
    • Custom Money: Gold Coins
    • Houses:            Renamed as Huts
    • Hotels:              Renamed as Castles
    • Dice:                 Traditional
    • Tokens:             KAOS, Sheep, Cannon, Pirate Ship, Swords, Chompie

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