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Road Rash

Everybody has their own idea for a game.  You, the reader, have one.  You may not even know it, but there is a game brewing inside your head even as I write this.  I’ve put a few ideas to paper, but one in particular needs to be mentioned.  As far as I know it’s not being developed any longer.  From the rumors swirling the internet, it was scrapped a few years back.

Road Rash.  If you spent any time on the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo you know of what I speak.  Road Rash was a series of games by Electronic Arts that was released between 1991 and 1999 that had you twisting, turning, speeding and bleeding.  It was, at it’s core, a racing game.  But it was so much more.  You could wield weapons from clubs and crowbars to chains and cattle prods and you used them to beat the ever loving snot out of opposing racers.

Given the success of online gaming and the semi-drought we’ve seen with the racing genre (motorcycles in particular), I think something unique as this was would be successful … if done correctly.

Before I go on, I want to acknowledge the job that game developers have.  They pour their hearts into games, only for people like me to come along and rip it apart in a matter of moments.  Every reviewer has an idea of what they expect from a game, and when expectations aren’t met, the game gets poor scores.  That’s why I take an approach to games with intent to find the positive in them.  Not to look for the negative.

That being said; imagine an open world – buildings, roads, pedestrians, cars and trucks, and countless other inclusions that makes a location unique.  Burnout Paradise comes to mind, but I think the world would need to be slightly different.  Paradise City was built for cars, we need something built for bikes.

Imagine the limitless customization available to the players; the motorcycles, the rider, the add-ons, hell even the weapons.  Hop on your pink and red crotch-rocket (covered in yellow hearts, of course), pull up to the starting line and watch as the other players stare in awe at the plethora of weapons you have strapped to the back: whips, 2×4’s, pipes, & chains.

The ranking system is even unique.  With a set amount of XP per level and certain levels unlocking new bikes, weapons, customizations and add-ons, you could have a system similar to the FPS’ influx of recent (MW/MW2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Black Ops, etc) that, while overdone at this point, is unique to a racing game.

I could go on for pages and pages with ideas I have for a game like this, but unfortunately, it falls on deaf ears.  Video gaming is a business to developers, and they want to increase profit to make shareholders happy.  They tend not to take chances (and this is a gamble) if the scales aren’t tipped in their favor.

I can only hope some small, independent studio will see this and agrees with my angle.


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