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Josh Smith, AKA "Sm1tty Sm1t" is a Gaming/Tech Writer, podcast host, father, husband and heir to the Kardashian fortune. You can follow him on Twitter @Sm1ttySm1t or check out his podcast at PressAtoListen.com

Review – The Witcher 3

It’s common that, when reviewing a game, it shows up a week or two prior to the release date. That’s why, when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt showed up early, I was confident that I’d be able to power through the main story, experience some of the side missions, and get a good feeling of what the game offers in order to relay my thoughts to you wonderful readers. Unfortunately, I was wrong. As you glance at today’s date and notice that the game has been out for a month, you understand that it’s taken me this long to accomplish all those objectives because this game is massive.

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