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Review Rewind – Batman Arkham Origins

he Arkham Series has left an impression on Batman fans and gamers alike, with it’s simple-yet-complex fighting system, the implementation of villains both popular and less-known, and the recognition that comic-turned-video-game can be successful. That’s why when Rocksteady, developer ofBatman Arkham Asylum andArkham City stepped back into the shadows to let WB Games handleBatman Arkham Origins, it was met with righteous disapproval. After all, you don’t go to the Superbowl with Tom Brady and then start his supermodel wife, Gisele, at quarterback — regardless of the ratings*. To continue that analogy,Batman Arkham Origins could be compared to Gisele playing in the Superbowl and going 17-30, 212 yards, with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

Sports analogies not your thing? OK, let’s simplify this, Batman Arkham Origins does some things right and a lot of things wrong. Like Gisele, the game is still beautiful to look at and will tease you with promises of a good time, but in the end you may get bored with the repetitiveness of, “Look at me, tell me I’m pretty. No, ignore my other flaws, just tell me I’m pretty.” That’s not to say that Gisele is a whiney attention-whore, but Arkham Origins is.

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