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Review – MyID Cadence

The advancement of technology inevitably seeps into all facets of our lives. Endevr offered me a chance to experience the MyID Cadence from their line of MyID bracelets, to get an idea of what’s available in the ever-growing community of health-centric tech options. The bracelet is designed to be fashionable and readily available in the case that you’re ever in a situation where a first responder needs information about you, but nobody is available to offer it.

The way it works is that the MyID Sleek has a QR Code printed underneath a metal band, acting as a sleeve for the actual rubber bracelet — the comfortable part. An emblem on the top indicating MyID is what a first responder keys in on in order to identify that the wearer, but it’s not so large that just anybody can read it and identify the bracelet as a “medical device”.

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