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Review – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

If you’ve grown up with siblings, there isn’t a time when you didn’t try to wish them away. For Max, dealing with his little brother Felix is a hassle and one day, in a fit of rage, Max used the search engine “Giggle” to find a spell that might take the nuisance away. Upon successfully completing the spell, Max, in a Labyrinth-like moment of regret, decides he doesn’t want his brother gone and launched a rescue. There’s no Goblin King in this tale, instead Max is dealing with the evil Mustachio whose purpose is to transfer himself from the old, raggedy body that he’s in now, into a younger, more spry specimen.

That’d be Felix.

Upon entering the world of Mustachio, Max is immediately met with resistance, as plants, animals, and the “other things” that live there are trying to ensure that the brave youngster never reaches Mustachio to stop the experiment with Felix. Max’s only weapon is the same magic marker used in Max and the Magic Marker, released in 2010 on other platforms.

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