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Josh Smith, AKA "Sm1tty Sm1t" is a Gaming/Tech Writer, podcast host, father, husband and heir to the Kardashian fortune. You can follow him on Twitter @Sm1ttySm1t or check out his podcast at PressAtoListen.com

Review – DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter Drone

Perhaps the best thing I can say about the DJI Phantom 2 Vision is that I crashed it within the first 10 minutes of use. It sounds ridiculous, I know, and at the time I was panicking. It’s not often that I get to review a quadcopter drone, nevermind one that’s professional and isn’t one of the cheap knock-offs that’s flooded the market. Still, unintentionally crashing the drone did two things. First, it made me respect the maneuverability. Second, it gave me a chance to test the durability, because if this is your first experience with a quad-copter, you’re almost certainly going to crash it yourself.

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