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Review – Battle Command (Android/iOS)

Mobile games are typically thought of as being in the category of “casual,” mainly due to the system implements that are put in place. Players often are required to complete some menial tasks, then forced to wait a set amount of time before being able to to proceed to the next task.

Or, you could always spend some money.

The new app Battle Command, available on Android and iOS, follows this same formula, but implements an interesting social interaction that isn’t necessarily common. Often, these apps simply to blitz your Facebook page with requests for help from your friends; that is available here as well, though it’s not as intrusive as some titles. Instead, players can form their own alliances, groups of players who can help each other with tasks like speeding up building upgrades (those take time), supplying troops (these also take time), or simple game tips and tricks through the integrated chat system.

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