For someone like me, an aspiring tech/gaming writer (perhaps even a journalist someday), it’d be silly to limit my work to written word. In an attempt to reach a wider audience, discuss things on a more personal level, and give myself an opportunity to experience different mediums, I host a couple of podcasts.

Now, you’ve already seen the links at the top of the page that show my Youtube videos and Twitch channel. I enjoy gaming and tech, I enjoy talking about gaming and tech, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with anybody willing to take a few minutes and tune in.

The podcasts I currently host have undergone some changes since the inaugural episode. Press ‘A’ to Listen, a show dedicated to Xbox games, news, and opinions, was actually The Xbox 360 Solocast for a long time. It was fun to do, but it lacked the dialogue component that most successful gaming podcasts have. By bringing on two co-hosts, I’ve been able to increase downloads by about 300% from 2012 to 2013. We expect that number to keep rising.

Tangled Cables is another beast altogether. Featured on Forbes.com, my co-host and I discuss gaming, PC hardware, gadgets, news, and host interviews with an array of interesting guests. While it’s still a “new” podcast, at least by show count, Jason and I are veterans to the podcasting world and are looking forward to helping it grow in the coming years.