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Lawnmower VS. Zombies Indie Game Review

Lawnmower – Check.  Zombies – Check.  An uncut field of grass – che..wait what?  When I first saw this game on the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games channel, I immediately thought this would be a fun, unique experience.  I was only half right.

Lawnmowers Vs. Zombies puts you in the driver’s seat of a riding lawnmower with one goal:  Mow your lawn.  Of course, standing in the way of such a menial chore is a horde of blood-thirsty zombies.  You would think that adding zombies to anything would instantly make it much more enjoyable.

You’d be wrong.

Each level is designed as a rectangle and your job is to mow the lawn.  Zombies will eventually meander in from random areas off-map and attempt to eat you.  You, obviously, can mow them down and leave a trail of blood and guts in your wake.

Randomly, as you cut the grass, coins will pop up which (when runover) add to your score.  As each level progesses other obstacles will be placed in your way.  Flower beds will end your game if mowed over and huge boulders litter the landscape making your job a bit more difficult.  Zombies will also get faster and come in larger numbers.

The controls are fairly straightforward, with the left-stick determining your direction.  The audio is painfully annoying.  Hearing the yodeling song is cute for the first 2 minutes, but after that you’re begging for something new or muting your television.

There are 20 total levels, each gradually getting more and more difficult.  You can access any of the 20 levels from the get-go and I suggest starting on level 10 or 15 for any sort of challenge. 

 You also have the option of 2-player co-op or having a “mow-off” (deathmatch).  My wife found limited enjoyment in this mode, which says something about the gameplay.  Simple enough for anyone to play, but fun enough for all to enjoy, which is the only type of fun I can see any player getting from this game.


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