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Josh Smith, AKA "Sm1tty Sm1t" is a Gaming/Tech Writer, podcast host, father, husband and heir to the Kardashian fortune. You can follow him on Twitter @Sm1ttySm1t or check out his podcast at PressAtoListen.com

Last-minute Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s almost Christmas and you haven’t finished your shopping yet! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!? First of all, calm down. With modern-day advances like overnight delivery and last-minute gift guides, there’s no reason to panic. The hardest part of shopping at the last minute is deciding what to get for those people in your life that deserve to receive gifts.

We understand that you’ve waited longer than you should have, but fear not, College News has you covered. Whether you’re shopping for a parent, a sibling, a friend, or someone who’s “more” than a friend, our “Last-minute Tech Gift Guide” is sure to win you some smiles.

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