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Giveaway – Touch Speaker Boombox

For the Spring Issue of College News Magazine I worked on looking at some recent mobile speakers in an attempt to help the readers understand what’s currently available, what they should look for when shopping, and then did a basic review of a number of speakers and graded them on different attributes. Because I had to get hands-on with all the hardware, I have a number of speakers sitting in my house. What that means for you is that there’s going to be a bunch of giveaways in the coming weeks.

This is the first.

The Touch Speaker Boombox is inexpensive and uses a technology that I’m still convinced is witchcraft. You place your phone on the speaker (it’s not Bluetooth) to have the sound amplified. It’s a really cool design. You’ll hear all about my opinions of it in the article, but to keep it simple: This isn’t something you’d use to impress a party. It’s got a cool design and works as intended, but without deep bass you’re not going to be enjoying dubstep.

Still, I want you to have it! So good luck!

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