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Josh Smith, AKA "Sm1tty Sm1t" is a Gaming/Tech Writer, podcast host, father, husband and heir to the Kardashian fortune. You can follow him on Twitter @Sm1ttySm1t or check out his podcast at PressAtoListen.com

Giveaway – D-link Gamerlounge DGL-5500 Gaming Router

Because my giveaways are getting a lot more play lately, I need to make sure everybody knows what they’re getting and who’s eligible. First, US and Canada only! Sorry Europeans, I’ll get some game codes soon. Shipping over there is pretty ridiculous and I foot that cost. Thankfully, I didn’t have to pay for the hardware! D-link sent this over for review and let me keep it. Now, I’m giving it to you!

That means this has been opened and used. It’s been wiped down pretty well, and all the included “stuff” is in the box. Still, you’re not getting something brand new, so you won’t be able to take it to Walmart or wherever to return it.

I know a lot of you will enter the contest, then unfollow when it’s done. That’s fine, I have no problem with that. However, I do contests every now and again for my followers only. You’d benefit from sticking around. And who knows, you might like what I have to say. Or at least you’ll find that I share some pretty funny GIFs.

I’m including some other “follow” entries this week, too. My podcast and one of the sites I write for. Press A to Listen is getting bigger, and Ventito is run by Western Digital, so it’s got some pretty heavy firepower behind it. Check them out, even if it’s just once.



D-link3 D-link2 Dlink-1

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