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Feature – Those Vintage Valuables

Have you ever run into an old friend wearing a T-shirt of some unknown band you remember listening to when you were younger?

Or do you have that oddball in your family who collects the most ridiculous trinkets and then hoards them because there’s a chance they might be worth money “someday”?

If so, I have some news for you: They might be right. Some people, in fact, have turned the art of hunting vintage valuables into a full-time job.

You may be thinking, “Sure, I have some old stuff from when I was a teen, but I’m pretty sure only hipsters are buying that sort of stuff.”

Wrong! With the recent surge of hipsters (and their varying degrees of hipster-ness), you’ll probably have more people looking to buy vintage items than ever before. More buyers mean more money, which, for the community of vintage “pickers,” as they often refer to themselves, is a wonderful thing.

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