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Dishonored looks … WOW!

When a studio like Bethesda teams up with a developer like Arkane, known for their work with Bioshock 2, to help create a steampunk-esque game featuring a character with supernatural powers, people get excited. And deservedly so, as information indicates that the upcoming Dishonored is set in a unique world, features a unique story, and offers a unique gameplay experience.

Unique. It’s an overused word in video games today, but Bethesda seems to be using it correctly. How often can you kill an enemy with a swarm of rats? Knowing the pedigree of games put out by the developer and publisher, it’s no wonder that Dishonored looks to be one of the best games of 2012. The visuals themselves lend a sense of amazement, showing vivid, bright colors while giving a sense of a dark, dingy society.

The most recent gameplay trailer shows off a few more unique ways to traverse the world and, more importantly, how to evade or engage enemies:


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