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Diablo III “Confirmed” on Xbox?

After spending the weekend at PAX East 2013, I’m left with loads of gaming assets, interview quotes, and a number of other information that is important to both my readers and the developers who appeared at the show. Blizzard is a AAA developer and they drew a lot of attention this year, especially since the announcement of Diablo III on Playstation 3 & 4. One of the first things I asked them during my private meeting to see the console iteration was what the exclusivity agreement with Sony Playstation entailed. They were quick to announce that “There is no exclusivity contract with [Sony] Playstation. However, we have nothing to announce at this time,” which I make mention of in my official preview of the game. Obviously, this is PR-speak and it’s something that I’ve grown accustomed to, but thought important enough to add into the article.

As I wrapped up my preview, I began pouring over the assets provided by Blizzard (via flash drive at the event) for the PS3 version of Diablo III, the only version playable at PAX East 2013. In my review of the pictures provided, I took note of the file names, things like “PS3_D3_LH_004.bmp” & “PS3_D3_LH_023.bmp” raise no eyebrows. Leading the assets though, are a group of files that have obviously been added by mistake.


You can see for yourself what the files indicate. Clearly, Blizzard is working on a version of Diablo III that will run on Xbox. The only question now is whether it’s Xbox 360 or undoubtedly announced next-gen Xbox.

I reached out to Blizzard for comment and received the following response:

“Hi Josh. Thanks for reaching out. That was actually just an innocent naming mistake that I didn’t catch when they were delivered. Those screens are just PS3 screens without the HUD/UI. Not Xbox. It happened with a few press kits and we explained that to all the sites that contacted us about it. So I’m sorry there isn’t a scoop, just a mistake on my part that was really dumb.”

Below are the images, including those in question. It’s my opinion that the images without a HUD/UI, the ones labeled “xbox,” are missing them because it might easily indicate that the game is being developed for Xbox:


















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2 Responses to “Diablo III “Confirmed” on Xbox?”

  1. Whattttttt. Seems mighty suspect to me as well. I hope it is true though, would love to Diablo on Xbox.

    March 29, 2013 at 3:50 pm Reply
  2. Kyron Parsons #

    Boy will this be a great turn of events! I think if it comes out for Xbox, I might just drop the big bucks for the New Xbox instead of PS4!

    March 29, 2013 at 6:46 pm Reply

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