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Skulls of the Shogun Review

With Skulls of the Shogun as their first release, developer 17-BIT is looking to add an interesting spin on the turn-based strategy game. By simplifying some aspects of the game and introducing a witty, lengthy story, players can expect to get their money’s worth. Adding in cross-platform multiplayer is also seamless and interesting. It’s the execution that […]

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Xbox Live Arcade/Indie Game Video Review Wrap-up

I had a bunch of video reviews that I’ve never posted for one reason or another. Here they all are! Rather than make an individual post for each I put them in one place. Radian Games – Ballistic TNT Racers Lawnmower vs. Zombies World of Keflings

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Guardians of Middle-earth Video Review

Sm1tty Sm1t does an impromptu video review for Monolith’s recent XBLA/PSN game. MOBA’s have been strangely absent from consoles, but Guardians of Middle-earth is a wonderful game.

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Rock Band Blitz Review

Rhythm games reached their apex years ago with the release of Guitar Hero and its eventual evolution into Harmonix’s massively successful Rock Band series. Including instruments like bass, drums, vocals, and (most recently) keyboard has transformed even the shyest of wannabe’s into raging rock stars, leaving those in real bands to cry, “That’s not how […]

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Dust an Elysian Tail Review

Wrapping up the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade is the side-scrolling action/RPG Dust an Elysian Tail, a sidescrolling action/RPG that combines fast-paced action, witty character dialogue, and brilliant writing. The most amazing fact though, is that the game was developed entirely by one person. Dean Dodrill takes a unique ‘cartoonish’ art-style, creates a genuinely original […]

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Deadlight Review

  After the critically acclaimed success of Shadow Complex during the 2009 XBLA Summer of Arcade, it’s no wonder that developers enter the 2.5D action genre with a hint of trepidation. However developer Tequila Works is taking on the monumental task with the release of their own XBLA Summer of Arcade game, zombie-thriller Deadlight. Combining […]

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (XBLA/PC)

My experience with Van Helsing, the notorious vampire hunter, is limited. I’ve seen the Hugh Jackman movie and enjoyed it — in fact, I own an HD-DVD copy. I know of his exploits, but have never really entrenched myself into that universe. That’s about to change. Indie studio NeoCoreGames, known for King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame, has […]

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Trials Evolution Review

There are games that should come with warnings. Not warnings about violence and profanity in the game, but rather violence and profanity because of the game. Trials Evolution (1200 Microsoft Points) for Xbox 360 is one of those games. Developer Red Lynx has taken the success of Trials HD, added some level design flair, new […]

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Sine Mora Video Review

Sine Mora was a surprise for me in 2012. I’m not one for side-scrollers, but this was a fantastic experience.

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My Warp Review

The Xbox Live Arcade House Party kicked off in a big way with the release of Warp. The stealth-combat, puzzle game requires players to use a wide array of problem solving techniques in order to escape the underwater testing facility where Zero, the cute little alien protagonist, is being held. Combining clever puzzles, customizable skill […]

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