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Review – Magic 2015

In the annual release of the digital card game of the same name, Magic the Gathering 2015 is showing off some new elements, spotlighting their new story, and — as always — boasting some breathtaking art. Because you don’t need to have a friend nearby to enjoy the digital version of the game, Magic 2015’s […]

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Review – Valiant Hearts

Due to the success of the previous Ubi-art games, Rayman Legends and Child of Eden, there were high hopes for Valiant Hearts, the side-scrolling puzzle game from Ubisoft. After their fantastic E3 trailer, players expected a heart-wrenching experience through the hell of World War I. After playing through the game and, at times forcing myself, […]

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Review – EA Sports UFC

After obtaining the UFC license from failing game studio THQ, the group at EA Sports thought they had the fighting market in a chokehold. With the popular, yet recently absent Fight Night series under their belt, adding UFC all but locks down the fighting genre for EA Sports. Unfortunately, owning the rights to the franchise […]

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Review – Wolfenstein The New Order

You’ll learn something interesting when you start playing Wolfenstein: The New Order. The entire premise is based on a world that exists as if the Nazis had won World War II. The United States has been invaded and has surrendered to the Germans, but isn’t without a group of freedom fighters, of which you, B.J. […]

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Review – Watch Dogs

Already boasting more than four million sales, you’ve inevitably heard of Ubisoft’s newest game Watch Dogs. The free roaming not-realistic, but dangerously-realistic gives players a strange look at what our modern-day world could look like, should we allow our lives to become even more automated and digital than they already are. And it’s damned frightening. […]

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Review – Bound by Flame

The fantasy games genre, particularly with Action-RPGs, is hands-down my favorite. That’s why, when I heard of Bound by Flame, I had such high hopes. This genre, more than any other, has the potential to take a lower-budget game and propel it to greatness. If the action is manageable, the customization and equipment is robust, […]

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Xbox One’s price drop is just a harbinger of a larger announcement – FORTALEZA coming soon?

Earlier today Larry Hryb, Microsoft’s Director of Programming, shared an announcement on his blog from Phil Spencer regarding the Xbox One. Spencer was happy to announce changes to the Xbox One platform, “First, beginning on June 9th, in all markets where Xbox One is sold, we will offer Xbox One starting at $399*. This is […]

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Review – IOGear’s Keymander

There’s an ever-present battle raging between PC gamers and console gamers over whose platform is better. Ridiculous, I know. But it exists and for those who spend even a moderate amount of time in gaming community, it’s something we can’t get away from. PC gaming enthusiasts will argue that visuals will never be as impressive, […]

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Microsoft Bets Big on Indie Developers

You may remember Microsoft’s Indie Game Marketplace on Xbox 360, but it’s been absent since the release of the Xbox One. Now, Microsoft intends to change that. Microsoft has confirmed that more than 200 dev kits have been shipped to developers. The implementation of an indie program has been MIA since fans finally got their […]

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5 Indie Games That Are Taking On The Industry

Not every game is created equal, and unfortunately many aren’t created at all; even with a AAA budget and AAA talent, cancellations happen. That’s why when indie video games release, they’re worth applauding. Continuing the trend of the last few years, 2013 presented an exceptional number of indie games on a variety of systems. Some […]

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