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Review – Wolfenstein The New Order

You’ll learn something interesting when you start playing Wolfenstein: The New Order. The entire premise is based on a world that exists as if the Nazis had won World War II. The United States has been invaded and has surrendered to the Germans, but isn’t without a group of freedom fighters, of which you, B.J. […]

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Review – Watch Dogs

Already boasting more than four million sales, you’ve inevitably heard of Ubisoft’s newest game Watch Dogs. The free roaming not-realistic, but dangerously-realistic gives players a strange look at what our modern-day world could look like, should we allow our lives to become even more automated and digital than they already are. And it’s damned frightening. […]

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Review – Tropico 5

Having dedicated hundreds of hours to the Tropico series, I feel comfortable labeling myself as an expert. I’ve assumed the role of dictator El Presidente on countless occasions, only to eventually lead my island nation to prosperity and military superiority, which is why with the release of Tropico 5, my inner-ruler is clawing to break […]

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Giveaway – Win a copy of Watch Dogs for PS4!

You know what Watch Dogs is. You know what it’s about. And you know damned well that you want to win this game. This is a sealed copy of Watch Dogs for PS4 and it’s up for grabs. This is going to be a very brief giveaway compared to the ones I usually do, so you better be quick. […]

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Review – Bound by Flame

The fantasy games genre, particularly with Action-RPGs, is hands-down my favorite. That’s why, when I heard of Bound by Flame, I had such high hopes. This genre, more than any other, has the potential to take a lower-budget game and propel it to greatness. If the action is manageable, the customization and equipment is robust, […]

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Review – IOGear’s Keymander

There’s an ever-present battle raging between PC gamers and console gamers over whose platform is better. Ridiculous, I know. But it exists and for those who spend even a moderate amount of time in gaming community, it’s something we can’t get away from. PC gaming enthusiasts will argue that visuals will never be as impressive, […]

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Review – Child of Light

Roger Ebert said, years ago, that video games can never be art. It’s a shame he passed, because given the opportunity to play Child of Light, I think Mr. Ebert would change his mind. The first game released under the Ubi-Art framework, Child of Lighttakes your typical turn-based RPG and adds a beautiful watercolor motif. The game […]

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Review – Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

In preparation for Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain, due to grace consoles “sometime in 2015,” Konami decided to release a prologue to the game entitled Ground Zeroes. Here, Snake is let loose in an enemy’s camp and ordered to rescue and extract Paz and Chico, characters who made an appearance in Peace Walker, […]

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Review – LEGO The Hobbit

For years the LEGO series has entertained us with their own unique, cute humor that causes even the most hardcore of gamers to crack a smile. In LEGO The Hobbit that remains largely unchanged. As with each license released within the LEGO Universe, different gameplay elements are introduced to make the game feel unique, when […]

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Review – Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

It’s been years since I had the pleasure of diving into a Castlevania game, so when it was announced that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 would be gracing consoles, it was the perfect opportunity to catch-up on one of the storied franchises in gaming history. Knowing that the first  Lords of Shadow installment was generally […]

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