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Review Rewind – Dying Light: The Following

Fresh on the heels of the monumental year that Dying Light had, developer Techland is continuing their momentum by releasing The Following, featuring all new content. While the game has certainly seen its share of support via paid DLC and free updates, The Following is on an entirely different level to what we’ve seen. In […]

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Review – The Witcher 3

It’s common that, when reviewing a game, it shows up a week or two prior to the release date. That’s why, when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt showed up early, I was confident that I’d be able to power through the main story, experience some of the side missions, and get a good feeling of […]

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Review – Windward

Adventuring on the high seas is never an easy task, but then again if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. The same could be said about games that take place on the high seas, though Windward, newly released on PC, makes a valiant attempt. The game is, above all, enjoyable and provides hours […]

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CD Projekt Red wants to put your Witcher 3 concerns to rest

A few days back, a number of screenshots of The Witcher 3 were uploaded to Imgur and shared to Reddit that questioned the game’s visual fidelity. Still more than a week from launch, players had mounting concerns (despite the announcement of more than a million preorders) and conversations called CD Projekt Red’s reputation into question. With players expressing their […]

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Review – Tesoro Excalibur Gaming Keyboard

C gamers are familiar with the dozens of options facing them when they’re shopping for a gaming keyboard. Dozens of buttons reflect retail prices in the hundreds, and for good reason. Gaming keyboards, when used correctly, can be enormously beneficial. They really do give you an advantage over your competition, depending on the game and […]

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Review – Dying Light

We’re in the midst of a zombie obsession, one that’s invaded television, movies, and especially video games. After some delaysDying Light is upon us, savagely clawing at our faces and biting at our necks. If you’re not careful, the infection will set in and then all hope will be lost. You’re one of “them,” an […]

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Feature – 15 of the Most Heartbreaking Game Cancellations

Blizzard cancelling its seven-years-coming MMO Titan reminded us all that game development can be a messy business. Countless hours lost and dollars wasted. But worst of all, we never get to play the game! It’s a sad fact of life – game cancellations are part of the business, and game publishers are going to make that tough […]

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Review – Magic 2015

In the annual release of the digital card game of the same name, Magic the Gathering 2015 is showing off some new elements, spotlighting their new story, and — as always — boasting some breathtaking art. Because you don’t need to have a friend nearby to enjoy the digital version of the game, Magic 2015’s […]

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Review – GX-Gaming Maurus X Gaming Mouse

At $69.99, The GX-Gaming Maurus X Gaming Mouse isn’t overpriced compared to the rest of the market, but the adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true. It’s not that the Maurus X is a bad mouse, not at all, it’s comfortable and comes with a boatload of options. The biggest issues facing it […]

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Review – HP x360 Hybrid Tablet/Laptop

Oftentimes when I look at PC or PC hardware, it’s always the biggest and the best. The expensive, high-performance hardware is what most enthusiasts are interested in, but what about budget hardware? The hardware that students — with no particular enthusiasm for hardcore gaming or editing — would be most apt to be shopping for […]

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