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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (XBLA/PC)

My experience with Van Helsing, the notorious vampire hunter, is limited. I’ve seen the Hugh Jackman movie and enjoyed it — in fact, I own an HD-DVD copy. I know of his exploits, but have never really entrenched myself into that universe. That’s about to change. Indie studio NeoCoreGames, known for King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame, has […]

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Releases New Artwork/Game Pics

We’ll soon see the release of Square Enix’s newest installment to the RPG fantasy Kingdom Hearts.  On July 31, 2012, 3D owners will fall back into the world of sleep, resuming the story from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and playing as Sora and Riku, the returning protagonists. Though the game was released in Japan last March, news and […]

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Licensed games are traditionally mediocre cash-grabs that appeal to few gamers. Recent history, however, has taken that notion and tipped it on its head. Games starring Wolverine, Captain America, and the Transformers have released to surprising results, which means that developer High Moon Studios has their work cut out for themselves in the upcoming Transformers: Fall […]

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Genius Maurus Mouse Available in North America

Genius makes gaming peripherals for PC gamers, and what they make is good, from my own limited experience. That’s why it’s important for gamers looking for quality and affordability should be excited. Genius has recently announced that the Maurus gaming mouse will be releasing in May. Designed to improve your FPS and RTS gaming experience, […]

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Sim City Returns!

When looking back on the fond memories of gaming during the early 90’s we all reminisce about DOOM, Wolfenstein, Descent, King’s Quest and others. Each was a monumental title in its respective genre, but one series was different from them all. Sim City took the typical definition of game and tossed it out the window. […]

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Diablo 3 Coming to Consoles

In late 2011 Blizzard confirmed that they are venturing into the console world with their upcoming hack-n-slash, loot-hunting, RPG:  Diablo 3.  What Blizzard didn’t confirm was which console, when it was releasing, or even if it was releasing.  That is until Michael “Bashiok,” Whipple, the Blizzard Community Manager, responded to a question via twitter:

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Sine Mora (XBLA) Update

Coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade later in 2012 (Summer of Arcade, perhaps?), Digital Reality’s new shoot ’em up Sine Mora is self-described as a “diesel-punk shoot ’em up” that relies as much on time as on skill.  Co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality, Sine Mora provides a unique spin on air-combat. Sine Mora […]

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Ghost Recon Online Developer Diary

Ghost Recon Online, the new in-development, free-to-play shooter by Ubisoft recently released a new developer diary showing off some of the features in a video entitled “Bravo: Becoming an Elite Ghost.”  The video shows off certain features that players can expect in the upcoming PC game. Additionally, Ghost Recon Online is now in closed beta.  […]

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EA’s ‘Origin’ Expands with 11 Additional Publishers

Origin, EA’s Steam-like service responsible for delivering games digitally via downloads, has announced the addition of 11 more publishers to the service.  As of January 14, 2011, players can download Rift, developed by Trion Worlds on EA’s new service, with many more titles being promised “soon”. The developers included in the deal are the previously […]

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Bethesda Retains Rights to Fallout MMO

Back in 2009, Bethesda filed a lawsuit against Interplay Entertainment Corporation looking to cancel the license that had been given to them to develop an MMO based on the Fallout license.  The basis of the lawsuit was the Interplay had failed to meet conditions of the license and Bethesda claimed that, because of the failed […]

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