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The Goldmine Near You – Feature

In more than 40 years since the “birth” of video gaming, there’s no denying the evolution that has taken place, both from an economical and technological view. Those of us who grew up gaming remember Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Gauntlet and others that helped us hone our hand-eye coordination 25 cents at a time. Now we watch […]

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CD Projekt Red wants to put your Witcher 3 concerns to rest

A few days back, a number of screenshots of The Witcher 3 were uploaded to Imgur and shared to Reddit that questioned the game’s visual fidelity. Still more than a week from launch, players had mounting concerns (despite the announcement of more than a million preorders) and conversations called CD Projekt Red’s reputation into question. With players expressing their […]

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News – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Announced

It looks like those fine fellas (and ladies) at 2K Games and Gearbox Software know their golden goose when they see it. The massively-popular FPS-meets-RPG Borderlands is getting another installment. This time players will be on Pandora’s moon, fighting in low-gravity with four new characters, and will hear how Handsome Jack ascended to the position we […]

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New Batman Arkham Knight Screens Revealed

The folks at Warner Brothers Interactive have released a few new screens today. Enjoy! Batman: Arkham Knight is based on DC Comics’ core Batman license and will be available exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC.  The game is scheduled for release worldwide in 2014.  […]

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Saints Row information leaked … but what information?

Popular actor, comedian, and podcaster Jay Mohr may have finally done something worse than firing Jerry Maguire. On Twitter, Mohr made it clear that he was about to record some new voice overs for “the new Saints Row game”. To provide further proof, Mohr tweeted it along with a picture of the recording studio with what […]

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Sony unveils the next-generation Playstation Console

Sony held their 2013 “meeting” on February 20th to unveil their next-generation of console to the gaming public. The Playstation 4 was confirmed with a release coming this year, but not price or even image of the device was discussed. What we did hear was that the PS4 is packed full of computing goodness, has […]

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Dishonored looks … WOW!

When a studio like Bethesda teams up with a developer like Arkane, known for their work with Bioshock 2, to help create a steampunk-esque game featuring a character with supernatural powers, people get excited. And deservedly so, as information indicates that the upcoming Dishonored is set in a unique world, features a unique story, and offers a […]

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ZombiU expects to breathe life into Wii-U

Let’s be honest, we’re all approaching the Wii-U with reserved skepticism. We’re all ready for the next generation of consoles, but are gimmicks the way to approach it? Nintendo thinks so, the gimmick being the Wii-U and it’s tablet-like controller. Of course, gimmicks aren’t necessarily negative because there are a few developers who can embrace […]

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Sleeping Dogs

Formerly True Crime Hong Kong, the August 14, 2012, release of Sleeping Dogs by Square Enix is turning heads and giving players a sense of optimism. Free-roam, third-person action games have become a saturated world, but Sleeping Dogs looks to blend a smooth, clean fighting system with a deep story in order to keep players progressing through the […]

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Stealth Action RPG ‘Dark’ Announced

A stealth action game with a touch of RPG that has you playing as a vampire … I could end this now and you’d probably be sold. I’ll explain further, though. Kalypso Media (known for the Tropico series) and RealmForge (developers of Dungeons) announced that Dark will be releasing on Xbox 360 and Windows PC in early […]

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