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Review – HP x360 Hybrid Tablet/Laptop

Oftentimes when I look at PC or PC hardware, it’s always the biggest and the best. The expensive, high-performance hardware is what most enthusiasts are interested in, but what about budget hardware? The hardware that students — with no particular enthusiasm for hardcore gaming or editing — would be most apt to be shopping for […]

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Review – Livescribe 3 Smart Pen

With tablet PCs and smartphones invading our lives, no doubt making them easier, we’re in the midst of being assaulted with smart-devices. Watches, lighting, thermostats, home security, even your appliances can interface with your tablets and smartphone. That’s why when I was given the opportunity to test the Livescribe 3 Smartpen, I was sceptical. Though […]

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Review – Blue Goji

“…That’s where Blue Goji comes in. I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last couple of months with Blue Goji in an effort to see if what they promised — making thirty minutes of running seem like five — was true. At 268 pounds I could use to lose a little weight, if for nothing […]

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Gamify Your Life: Apps You Can Use to Improve the Everyday

There’s a good chance we gamers will never get to experience what it’s like to battle dragons, play in the NFL or defend the planet from alien invasion. Instead, we retreat to our favorite chair, pick up the controller and begin our adventure. And now, thanks to the development of some intriguing apps on Android, […]

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Giveaway! NYKO Playpad Pro (Android)

With all the hardware I have kicking around, I thought it only fair to give you guys the Playpad Pro I recently reviewed! It’s opened, but I swear to you I didn’t rub this on any of my body parts, except my thumbs. Swear. a Rafflecopter giveaway  

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Review – Battle Command (Android/iOS)

Mobile games are typically thought of as being in the category of “casual,” mainly due to the system implements that are put in place. Players often are required to complete some menial tasks, then forced to wait a set amount of time before being able to to proceed to the next task. Or, you could […]

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Review – Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

As the popularity of tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons skyrockets, the folks at Behold Studios and Paradox Interactive have teamed up to present a snarky, digital look at what happens when friends sit down to enjoy some roleplaying. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and while I’ll be the first to say that it’s not […]

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Review – RAVPower WiFi Disk (RP-WD01)

With the mobile battery industry seeing alarming growth, many companies are trying to put their best foot forward for a piece of the profit-pie. RAVPower is no exception, but the company who has literally taken their name from being reliable, affordable, and a value (RAV, get it?), is introducing piece of hardware that is just […]

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Verizon Wireless & Samsung Note 10.1: A Match Made in Heaven?

In terms of geographic personality, New England is prime for tourists to visit and see the beautiful landscapes that are available. From rocky coasts to beautiful fall foliage, New England is a unique treasure to our country. With that beauty though, there is a price. It’s difficult to litter the landscape with cell towers or […]

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Review – MOGA Pro Controller

Tablet and mobile gaming has historically been something that’s reserved for those who are on the go or looking to kill a little time while sitting on the toilet. It’s a disgusting reality, but it’s true. While sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, avoiding eye contact while on public transportation, or during any other […]

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