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Ventito Portfolio

I’m sad to say that my tenure with Ventito has come to an end. I was a Features Writer there for about a year and I loved working with the group. The site is going to be seeing some changes, I’m told, so I wanted to make sure you could all see my work before it […]

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Feature – 15 of the Most Heartbreaking Game Cancellations

Blizzard cancelling its seven-years-coming MMO Titan reminded us all that game development can be a messy business. Countless hours lost and dollars wasted. But worst of all, we never get to play the game! It’s a sad fact of life – game cancellations are part of the business, and game publishers are going to make that tough […]

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IGN Feature – 11 Ridiculous Vehicles We Want in Battlefield

When it comes to Battlefield, there’s nothing quite like hopping into F-35 Fighter Jet and engaging in the ultimate power fantasy. Since its beginning, through next-year’s Battlefield Hardline, and long into the future of the franchise, vehicles have been and will remain a pivatol part of the series. But while most of the vehicles have […]

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Xbox One’s price drop is just a harbinger of a larger announcement – FORTALEZA coming soon?

Earlier today Larry Hryb, Microsoft’s Director of Programming, shared an announcement on his blog from Phil Spencer regarding the Xbox One. Spencer was happy to announce changes to the Xbox One platform, “First, beginning on June 9th, in all markets where Xbox One is sold, we will offer Xbox One starting at $399*. This is […]

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Microsoft Bets Big on Indie Developers

You may remember Microsoft’s Indie Game Marketplace on Xbox 360, but it’s been absent since the release of the Xbox One. Now, Microsoft intends to change that. Microsoft has confirmed that more than 200 dev kits have been shipped to developers. The implementation of an indie program has been MIA since fans finally got their […]

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Gamify Your Life: Apps You Can Use to Improve the Everyday

There’s a good chance we gamers will never get to experience what it’s like to battle dragons, play in the NFL or defend the planet from alien invasion. Instead, we retreat to our favorite chair, pick up the controller and begin our adventure. And now, thanks to the development of some intriguing apps on Android, […]

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5 Indie Games That Are Taking On The Industry

Not every game is created equal, and unfortunately many aren’t created at all; even with a AAA budget and AAA talent, cancellations happen. That’s why when indie video games release, they’re worth applauding. Continuing the trend of the last few years, 2013 presented an exceptional number of indie games on a variety of systems. Some […]

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IGN Feature – The Reality Behind the Pro Gaming Scene

There are more similarities between e-sports and professional sports (such as football or basketball) than you might think. Players in both fields dedicate innumerable hours to honing their craft by practicing with teammates, training on particular fields or maps, and devoting nearly every waking moment to making themselves better at their prospective aspirations. There are […]

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April Fools Day Press Releases

I’ll try to add everything that that hits my inbox RIGHT HERE! Guild Wars to launch Bobblehead mode World of Tanks: Crayfish

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IGN Feature – Inside the Secret World of Gamestop Dumpster Diving

For those of us who have cast away the shame of scouring through bags of trash – colloquially known as dumpster diving – there are potential treasures aplenty. And if you’re a gamer, Gamestop dumpsters can be a gold mine. Video games, working controllers, strategy guides, store displays: all can be found strewn among the […]

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