Wedding Day. I’d marry me.

I’m Josh Smith, AKA Sm1tty Sm1t.  I’m a dad, a husband, and a gamer.  I live in Maine with my beautiful wife, my son, and my daughter.

I work in government, but my passion is gaming … so why not write about it? A freelance writer who thrives on delivering unbiased reviews, interesting editorials, I’m constantly trying to stay connected to those who have taken the time to read my work.

Formerly part of the “League of One” for KmartGamer.com, I’m now the Gaming/Tech Writer for College News Magazine. I’ve also created and co-host Press ‘A’ to Listen, a podcast dedicated to everything Xbox, and Tangled Cables, a podcast about gaming and technology.

When I’m not gaming, I enjoy playing with gadgets, phones, and other technological doodads, but also appreciate time in the outdoors. I’m typically occupied by teaching my two children the ways of the Force or spending time with my wife. I’m into tabletop games, card games, and I’m a pretty hardcore fan of New England sports.

If you have constructive criticism or want to request an article or review, check out the Contact Me page and let’s talk!